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4 February

Identity Theft

Identity theft

People ask us every now and then if their identity can be stolen with a fingerprint on a ring or signature.

Short answer is no. Everywhere you go you leave fingerprints and how many times have you signed things in your life without thinking twice.


Should you be cautious certainly.  Only you can decide what you feel comfortable with giving out for information.

This to worry about shopping online.  Does the website have a secure server? Do they store credit card information.  We do use a secure server and do NOT store your credit card information.

Never never never email credit card information, ever. 

Here is a helpful link about Identity theft.


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1 January

Happy New Year!

Happy new year, handmade rings, Brent&Jess

Happy New Year and a warm thank you from Brent&Jess!

Brent has been busy creating and crafting many new designs for 2016. 

Handcrafted new designs by Brent&Jess

Our weddings rings continue to be the heart of our business.

 Handmade rings by brent and jess

For those customers who bought wedding rings from us in our infant years, we expect that you, too, may now have infants of your own! We craft adorable footprints and handprints of children under 3 that are certain to bring a smile to your face. 

 Handcrafted personalized rings welcoming your baby

Perhaps this is your first anniversary, your fifth anniversary or your vow renewal…it’s always wonderful to celebrate with an anniversary band. We can mark that special day with diamonds or colored stones. 

Handcrafted fingerprint anniversary rings

And as our parents age and pass on, or we want to memorialize our friends and loved ones, we can remember them with lovely keepsakes that make lifetime impressions.

memorial handwriting and fingerprint gifts by Brent&Jess 

Here’s to a healthy, happy New Year!




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12 November


Thankful, Brent&Jess

Being self- employed and the owner of a company, I have days of joy and days with challenges. I'm always juggling many balls and wearing many hats. The days that are the most rewarding are the days I come to work and receive an email from a happy customer. 


"Hi everyone at Brent & Jess!

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the amazing job you did on my ring! It's even more amazing than I could have imagined.

Words can't express how thankful I am to be able to carry around a part of my dad with me every day.

Thank you again for all of the hard work and thought you put in. You were just wonderful to work with.

Enjoy the rest of your week!"


Our customers remind me why I am so passionate about my business....why I care so intently about my customers...and why  it's important for me to craft a quality product that I believe in. Being able to offer a wedding band with a touch of love or a memorial print with sentimental impressions warms my heart and keeps me going.
Thank you to all our customers who take a moment out of your busy schedules to write us testimonials, send us emails or even snail mail with kinds words of thoughtfulness and appreciation for the work that we do. We enjoy learning more about you, sharing in your special moments, hearing your stories and receiving your prized photos.
We love you and appreciate your business!
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10 November

Recent Work November 2015

Recent work

We love all the rings we send out! Here is a mix of some the beautiful rings that have gone out recently. 

Recent work




















Each ring is handcrafted with you're unique fingerprint! Handmade one at a time.

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3 November


Fingerprints, Fall

Fall leaves remind me of fingerprints. Each leaf is different, yet all are beautiful!

 Fall leaves and fingerprint ring
I like the different shapes and colors. Did you know that there are 9 different types of fingerprints? Within those categories each print is unique. 
Which print is similar to your print?
Classifying fingerprint
When we craft your prints at brent&jess, we do not alter your prints. It is very important to us that your print remains true to you. It tells the story of your life from beginning to end. Your fingerprints begin developing in the first 3 months of gestation and continue to grow as your hands and fingers grow. You may develop scars and wrinkles along the way....they are all part of your journey.
Happy Fall!
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28 September

Fingerprint Wedding Ideas

Fingerprint wedding ideas, wedding inspiration

So... you are buying fingerprint wedding rings and now you want to add fingerprint elements to your wedding!
I thought this was a cool idea for a Guestbook alternative.


they also have this cool poster you could put in your livingroom!


NoaOfirDesignHow about these fingerprinty invitations? Love them!

How sweet is this? You could use it on a table or chair, and then use it in your home after the wedding!


Maybe a mug for drinking?

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1 September

Wedding Planning Timeline

Wedding planning

Wedding planningWedding Planning Timeline:

You did it! You decided to get married! Congratulations!

I have been reading all sorts of wedding timelines and one thing concerns me about many of them.... when to buy the wedding rings.  Many don't list this as a priority at all.  Rings are the one thing from the wedding you will use every day of your life after the big day!  The cake will be eaten, music just an echo and the day a memory. Rings are a big part of the ceremony and you should have what you like.  If you are going to go custom you need to plan ahead.  Most custom jewelers have a certain timeframe to create your rings.  Our current turn around is about 6-8 weeks.  During the busy time (we are in it) it is really close to 9 weeks! If you are ordering online you should think about shipping time and what ifs.  If your ring doesn't fit is there time to size it? (yes our rings are sizeable and we are happy to do it!) What if they are lost in the mail!? Yes we will handle that too but it takes time!

The knot reccomends 4-6 weeks https://www.theknot.com/content/12-month-wedding-planning-countdown  

Real Simple says 4 months, The wedding cake is more important! http://www.realsimple.com/weddings/weddings-planning/wedding-planning-checklist
auren Conrad says 6 months http://laurenconrad.com/blog/2013/02/wedding-bells-the-wedding-planning-timeline/  I 

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26 August

Remembering a Loved One

memorial, keepsake
Are you sentimental? Are your grandparents or parents aging? Are your children leaving the nest? Are your babies no longer babies? Brent has created a beautiful line of keepsake jewelry to commemorate special moments in your loved ones’ lives. We can craft fingerprints, handprints and footprints!
 Mommy and Me personalized handprint necklace
We have an easy process to capture fingerprints using a graphite pencil that captures a wonderful quality print. You may take the prints now and craft whenever you are ready. For babies, we use an inkless kit to capture their handprints or footprints.
Here is our basic how to.  Our kits include everything you need with instructions with your order.

Materials:  Pencil,      Paper,        Transparent (scotch tape, can be magic or clear) Tape,       smooth white paper  (blank photo paper is best but copy paper will work.   


1. Gentley hold the pencil at an angle on a piece of paper and fill a small spot with graphite.

2.  Circle the tip of one finger over the graphite you filled in on the paper, five or so passes . Good technique includes the entire fingertip being sure to include your unique swirl.  Take a look at your finger before you start to see what your swirl looks like and where it is located. Keeping the paper at the edge of the table will make this easier. 

3. Pull 2 – 3 inches of tape, while only touching the ends and keeping the sticky side up.

4.  Place your graphite-covered finger onto the tape.

5.  Carefully place the tape with your fingerprint on a smooth sturdy piece of paper. 

10k white gold memorial fingerprint signet ring
In addition, we can use prints taken by funeral directors, hospice and hospital workers to make you an exquisite piece of jewelry that will capture the texture of your loved one. We use a hand laser to craft the prints. We do not alter the prints in anyway. So, what you see on the piece of jewelry is exactly the impression that you see on paper. It is the life of your loved one and their journey.
So, don’t wait until it’s too late! Start crafting your prints now.
Please contact us for more information at: info@brentjess.com
Love mom  handwriting necklace
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11 August

We Have A New Design!

New, Facebook giveaway

We have a new Design!
You will really love it! So elegant and pretty!

Narrow V Shaped Diamond Fingerprint Wedding Ring with Interior TIP Print in Sterling Silver Chevron Style

It's like your loved one just touched the end of their finger on the inside of your ring, leaving their mark. 

Accented with 9 tiny sparkly diamonds!

Beautiful v shaped fingerprint ring




GIVEAWAY!Please SHARE! #giveawayTo Enter- Like and comment on this postThe winner we will pick at random, will win A...

Posted by Brent&Jess on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

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27 July

U.S.A, U.S.A, U.S.A.

USA, Brent&jess, fingerprint rings, wedding
U.S.A, U.S.A, U.S.A.
Brent&jess jewelry is all handcrafted in the USA by US citizens. We have real people to answer your questions and give you advice. Our hours of availability are M-F, 9-4:30, EST. or 24/7 online. You can find us in Vacationland, the beautiful mid coast of Maine. However, we ship worldwide!
We are here for you! Our goal is to help you personalize a unique piece of hand crafted jewelry. We simplify the process of making a fingerprint by taking you through it step by step. Together, we can work with your budget to create you a sentimental masterpiece of your dreams. We are happy to keep you up-to-date on the status of your purchase at any time. And, we are here to serve you after you have received your beautiful work of art. We are committed to making sure that you love your purchase!
We make truly amazing, unique rings at brent&jess—impressions that last a lifetime!
Custom handcrafted fingerprints made in the USA by Brent&Jess
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24 July

Darkening vs Natural

Technical info, fingerprint wedding rings, rings
Darkening Vs Non-Darkening
We often get asked whether or not a fingerprint should be darkened. The short answer is: it is personal preference.
The advantage of using a darkening agent is that it helps to define the print. If you want to show your ring at an event or in a photo, the darkening agent will make the print stand out. It makes a nice contrast on most of the metals. It is most noticeable with sterling silver and platinum. Since palladium is a greyish metal, the darkening is not as noticeable.
The darkening agent that we use varies for each metal. The agent is not permanent and will wear over time. It can be re-applied either in our shop or by using a home remedy.
Chemical agents, anti-bacterial gels, and harsh soap products will remove the darkening agent immediately. Also, cleaning or brushing your ring vigorously will remove the darkening.
So, think about your lifestyle when determining whether or not to darken your print. Make the choice that is right for you!
Darkened vs natural finish on fingerprint wedding rings
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13 July

We love the love!

We love it when people share the beautiful photos that they have taken of our rings!
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29 June

#LOVEWINS CELEBRATING the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision for marriage equality in the United States!


GIVEAWAY CELEBRATING the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision for marriage equality in the United States!Open to ALL Types of...

Posted by Brent&Jess on Monday, June 29, 2015
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24 June

Ask Jess

Ask Jess

Ask Jess!Do you have a question about our rings or process?Maybe you are just seeking advice :)Comment below your question and I would be happy to answer it for you!

Posted by Brent&Jess on Wednesday, June 24, 2015
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8 June

Can your Brent&Jess Ring be resized?

resize, technical information, ring size
Is your ring a perfect fit? 
We want you to love your ring and enjoy wearing it!
For this reason, at brent&jess we craft with metals that are malleable. All fine metals that we work with can be re-sized, even if they are crafted with a finger wrap. We always leave a small space on the interior of the ring that we can use to re-size your ring. If a ring needs a small adjustment, like a quarter to half size, we will stretch it or compress it. If the ring is off by more than a full size, we may need to cut the band and either add metal or eliminate metal.
You ring should be snug going over your knuckle and slightly loose on, when the weather is cool. This will ensure that there is enough room for your ring to fit comfortably if you fingers swell. Swelling can be caused by the weather, foods we eat, or medicine that we take. If you can shake your hand and your ring falls off, it is too loose. If your finger is puffy, the ring is leaving a line, or the ring feels uncomfortable, it is too tight!
We recommend going to a local jeweler to get re-measured. Please take your ring with you and have it sized as well. Jewelers tools are not standardized and by comparing the two measurements, we will know exactly how much to add or subtract from your ring.
It’s important that you have a perfect fit, so that you will not lose your ring. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you need your ring re-sized. We offer full repair service on all of our creations and we are happy to re-size your ring at any time. Please allow a week, plus shipping time for your re-size.
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2 June

Comfort Fit vs Non Comfort Fit Rings

Comfort Fit, Information
Many of our customers ask whether or not they should purchase a comfort fit ring. We offer two styles in a comfort fit band. 
We have a comfort fit flat band
Platinum comfort fit flat with secret message
Platinum comfort fit flat with a secret message in the fingerprint
and we offer a comfort fit low dome ring:
10k white comfort fit low dome
10k white comfort fit low dome wedding ring
What makes a band a “comfort fit?” The convex curve on the interior of the band makes the band a comfort fit band. Comfort fit rings were designed several years ago when the price of gold started soaring. Manufacturers started crafting their rings thinner and thinner to meet affordable price points. Finally, the rings got so thin that they were cutting into the finger. They realized if they rounded the edges, they would be more comfortable to wear.
All of the rings that we craft at brent&jess are comfortable to wear with or without the comfort fit interior. We roll the edges of our rings for softness. In addition, most of our rings are crafted between 1.5mm-2.0mm. The thickness eliminates sharp edges.
Our comfort fit bands are crafted with finger tips, not finger wraps. The patented process that we use to craft our traditional flat and low dome bands with finger wraps cannot be used on a curved surface.
The price is slightly higher on a comfort fit band rather than a traditional flat or low dome band, except when crafted in sterling silver.
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26 February

The Original Fingerprint Wedding Ring!

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20 January

Facebook Giveaway!

Facebook Giveaway

Head on over our facebook page for a chance to win a fingerprint ring!

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12 January

Recent Fingerprint Wedding Rings

photos. customer rings

I love to show off the cool rings we make here at Brent&Jess.  I love how every ring has it's own personality even if it is a simple flat band.

14k fingerprint wedding rings

This set is made of 14k white and rose.  The Fingerprints are on the exterior, they also added handwriting for the engraving on the interior of the wedding rings! They came out awesome!

18k yellow gold engagement ring

Here we have a gorgeous 18k yellow gold engagement ring.  The subtle wrapped fingerprint is one of a kind.  I hope he made her a happy woman and she said "yes!" This will be a classic treasured ring for sure!

custom fingerprint stacking rings in 14k gold

These rings are handcrafted out of 14k gold.  They are a beautiful set, one of the two rings has a tiny baby footprint! 

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8 January

Making rings for Friends

Brent&Jess, testimonial

Thank you Jessica Williams, these are absolutely AMAZING! You could not find a more significant ring to me, than one that has Dave and I's fingerprints. On 1/22 we will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. This will be Dave's first time wearing a ring in a LONG time. The service, ease of process in getting the fingerprint, speed of service, the presentation when I opened the box to the most gorgeous, personalized set of rings, it was absolutely stellar!
I could not think of a better gift, words will never be able to say thank you enough, they are PERFECT! I am thankful for your friendship, talent and gift!!!!

Kendra's rings

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1 December

Samantha and Hunter

It was a beautiful day in Stowe - over 60 degrees on November 11th?!?!? Ha!!! We Eloped and surprised everyone - family and friends alike!!! Just got the photos from Heather last night and after seeing them and hearing the responses about our rings...we KNOW we couldn't have picked a better jeweler to create them for Us!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Heather Glenn Photography : 
Flower Creations by From Maria's Garden : 


Hunter and Samantha Elope

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