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A spotlight on our wonderful customers and their rings, various wedding topics and fun ideas, and our talented staff here at brent&jess. If you have content you would like us to consider please give us a quick email @ blog(at) We'd love to see pictures of you wearing your ring!

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Rings On Fingers

Post 1 of 118 - Published on 2014-08-11

People always want to see rings on fingers.... Here are a few! DO you have a photo of your ring on your finger? Email it to

Rings on fingers

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Get Insurance On Your Ring!

Post 2 of 118 - Published on 2014-07-10

Get Insurance On Your Ring!

Did you know many people lose their ring on their honey moon?! (no you aren't the only one who did!)

Many couples choose to go on beach vacations and they dive into the sea or ocean only to realize their ring has slipped off their finger and is at the bottom!  Why does this happen? Well when you go into cold water your finger shrinks and the ring easily slides off. 

What can you do to prevent it? Leave your ring in the room.  Be sure to put it somewhere safe!
If you have insurance before you go it is less likely to happen too :)

Most insurance agencies need an invoice or a value statement of some kind.
A photo of the ring is good too.   Really you should photograph all your valuables.

Don't be too worried,  enjoy the holiday!

Brent&Jess Honeymoon

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Being An Extra

Post 3 of 118 - Published on 2014-06-26

Last night we went to be zombie extras in the independant film "The Night of The Living Deb"

it was funded by a kickstarter campain  by Kyle Rankin

check out their facebook page 

It was fun to see the sceen we were being zombies in being shot.  We will probably be on the cutting room floor or 3 seconds on film  BUT it was fun even if all we did was stand there! 

Here are some photos from the night.

Night of The Living Deb




Getting our zombie on 

The Actors in the movie are

Michael Cassidy (Men at Work)

Ray Wise (Twin PeaksReaperRoboCop)

and David Krumholtz (Numb3rsSuperbadMen at Work)




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