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30 May

Maine Living Blog Series Number 3: Black Flies

Black Flies, Maine Living Blog Series Number 3: Black Flies, Punch bowl

Maine Living Blog Series Number 3: Black Flies

Black flies are the precursor to many of the birds, flowerings, and plants that only happen in May.  Once I feel a swarm of black flies walking on my face I know its time to keep an eye out for those favorites.  Sure enough, on Wednesday I had my dose of black flies.  Since then I've seen a Baltimore oriole, three rose-breasted grosbeaks and an indigo bunting at the feeders.  All three are vividly colored;  the oriole being bright orange with black wings while the indigo bunting is an interesting bright blue, and the grosbeaks are black with white streaks and a red bib on the white underside.  My usual assortment of backyard birds is particularly busy, many who are enjoying the suet typically don't indulge.  The blue jays, cowbirds, and grackles take big chunks decimating the suet into crumbs that fall to the ground for the little birds.

Back in the potting shed I did unearth the box of clear punch cups.  Hardly anyone uses punch bowls any more.  The bowls break leaving punch cups to fend for themselves. I have seen Jessica's milk glass punch bowl out in the garage on a shelf.  I have a large array of clear cups that I've picked up at yard sales and some that friends have given me. By putting a long lasting tea light into the cup there  is
 a pretty glow that lights the table nicely when you use 6 to 10 of them.  I went to a winter wedding where the cups placed around the base of the cake until it was served.  Scarlett and Amelia like to use the cups at the little sand table in the shed to make "cupcakes" of sand using  marbles and sea glass to decorate the tops.  On another day they help me wash the cups and dry them so they sparkle. We use them at birthday parties too.
The leaves  are opening more and more each day.  We have gone past the time where it seemed possible to get ahead of the weeds to control the perennial  beds. The greening of grass, leaves, bushes, trees, and lawns is in full flow. I guess its time for me to put on the bug dope, my slouchy hat and get my section of lawn mowed.
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21 May

Maine Living Blog Series Number 2: Ideas From The Potting Shed

Potting Shed

Maine Living Blog Series Number 2: Ideas From The Potting Shed 
This year has been one of a long, slow spring.  The usual natural sequences like the grass turning green, the black flies returning, and mud season have happened, but there have been many dreary days that have kept me inside.  Living in an old Cape with an attic, a potting shed, two cellars (one wet,one dry), and an ell for firewood and tools gives me lots of space to squirrel away odd collections of all sorts of items.  A dark spring forces me to do the terrible kind of spring cleaning that only gets done maybe every ten years or so.  This has been my year to hoe out all my caches.

A potting shed in Maine 

As I work in the potting shed a hard decision is what vases to let go of.  There are around 50 vases that I've collected from Goodwill over the years.  When I have done the flowers for friend's weddings and the annual party down at Robinhood  I've put these vases to good use. Now I don't do big parties so I go let go of at least half of my holdings. I do not need so many.  In an old wooden crate there are 100-ish sea clam shells.  I had an idea to use these shells at a bridal party as a favor, filling them with the Haven's chocolate candy that is shaped like shells.  I'd use sea green ribbon to tie the clear bags of candy onto the shell.  Time to release the clam shells to my garden.
 Seashell garden
There was a time that Paul and I found old, rusted sap buckets at Elmer's Barn on Rte 17.  I had a wedding to do that called for big sunflowers.  The rusted sap buckets gave that farm/nature feel that big sunflowers call for.  Time to move the buckets on, so I brought them up to my spot at the Fairfield Antique Mall.
While the potting shed is not really up to spring clean standards I have almost a full shelf and I have to let go of the shells.  Maybe tomorrow I'll attack the second 1/2 of the shed if it continues to rain.
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20 May

How do I buy fingerprint jewelry with Brent&Jess?


How do I buy fingerprint jewelry with Brent&Jess?

At brent&jess, we  make  purchasing fingerprint jewelry simple and easy. We guide you through the steps 1-2-3. We are always available to help you.

1.The first step is placing your order. You will consult with one of our experienced customer service representatives to modify and price your unique piece of wearable art. Lynn or Jenn will need to know your ring size (for rings only), the metal that you prefer and your favorite design. Once you confirm your details, Lynn or Jenn will make you a custom listing for your purchase. If you are ordering sterling silver, you may purchase directly off the website.
2. When we receive your payment, we send you a kit(s) to make your fingerprints and/or handwriting. If you are purchasing keepsake item(s), you will send us the prints that you have made or obtained from the funeral home.
3. As soon as we receive your prints, we will begin crafting your ring. The process will take 6-8 weeks for domestic orders and 8-10 weeks for international orders. When the jewelry is complete, we will mail it to your final destination.
We appreciate your business!
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20 May

Window into Maine / Dandelions

Maine, spring, dandelions

Jess and I took a morning break with our mini schnauzers to enjoy the beautiful spring weather that has finally arrived in Maine! To feel the warmth of the sunshine made my body melt with joy and happiness. 

Things we see on our springtime walk 
It was a short walk; but if appreciate the moment, there is so much to see. The green hills were dotted with perky yellow dandelions. We could hear the tractors in the background working the land. Birds were singing and insects were buzzing. The ponds were serene and every now and then a fish would jump and catch the dogs attention. 
It was wonderful to be in the moment and appreciate nature around us.
 Spring in Topsham Maine
Did you know that dandelions are much more than just a weed?
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18 May

The best 10 reasons to buy fingerprint jewelry from brent&jess!

Why buy from Brent&Jess

1. We are expert crafters of fingerprint rings!

2. We have over 60 years of experience in the jewelry industry.

3. We have been crafting fingerprints for over 10 years in the USA.
4. We are the only company to have a patent for crafting fingerprints.
5. We are certified by GIA, DCA and CSA.
6. We guarantee all of our products against defects in material and workmanship.
7. We promote and maintain environmentally responsible practices.
8. We comply with applicable regulations and standards for the jewelry industry.
9. We comply with the Kimberley Process.
10.We love our jobs and we truly care about our customers.
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17 May

Maine Living Blog Series Number 1: Blinn Hill in Spring

Maine Life, At Home with Brent&Jess, Fingerprint rings in Maine, Spring

Maine Living Blog Series

Number 1: Blinn Hill in Spring

Driving over Blinn Hill  on an average day, the long gradual drop of the blueberry barrens with the panoramic view of the distant mountains is something to see.  But, make it a crystal clear day-then Mt Blue rises on the right, the Ossippees spread along the middle and to the far left are the dazzling snow fields of Mt Washington  which look like a mirage off in the distance.  To the bare eye across the distance to New Hampshire the mountain seems magical.  Consequently I drive very slowly as I approach the top of the hill each day wondering what the vista will be.  When the magic mountain appears I want to gaze that way for awhile but the sight is an instant visual gratification so onward to Topsham.

During the early weeks of May Maine has a short season with spring unfolding that is unique.  The forest seems more open since the deciduous trees have not leafed out yet.  The quiet, smaller trees like the shad roe and small willow blossom.  I like how the woods seem airy.  The mayflowers peak up through the dry leaves with trillium, jack-in-the-pulpits, and violets coming out. When we walk out to the twin ponds I'm tempted to pick the violets but the short stems don't make for a pleasing bouquet .Also the blackflies catch up to us on our walk if we slow down.
Maine Spring flowers
Amelia finds the dandelions very beautiful, she picks several every day at the play ground as well as from the front lawn..  My lawn has a huge patch of purple and white violets that I can not bear to mow until they die off. The lilacs have leaves with the flower heads still evolving.  And, like in all Maine seasons,on our walk we are hot on the way to the pond but on the way home we're chilled with the wind picking up and big clouds. 
Amelia Loves Dandelions in Maine spring
Driving back over Blinn Hill at the end of the day the air now has a haze so Mt. Washington is gone while Mt Blue and the Ossippees are just a quiet back drop. 
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16 May

Stella, the shop dog

Life at Brent&Jess
Stella, the shop dog
The value of a “shop” dog is immeasurable. Stella, a 2 yr old mini schnauzer keeps us company for a good part of the day.  She is very shy and demure, unless you interfere with one of her siblings. Then watch out! Even though she is half the size of Buddy, she thinks it’s her job to protect him from everyone good or bad. Lynn's furry friend Lucy also likes to come play with Stella.
Brent and Jess have many pets, but they have all been banned from the shop due to their dispositions. Buddy is another schnauzer, Astro is a Westie, and Toby and Luke are two kitties. They get to come visit on rare occasions and we can usually tell when they have been here. They leave us a little present or spread the trash everywhere!
Brent&Jess shop animals
It’s sometimes difficult to tell if Stella is awake or asleep due to her soft furry coat. She's like a dog stole you could wear around your neck. However, Jess is the only one that Stella wil allow to touch her. But whenever Stella wants a treat, she comes over to ME and taps me on the leg. I think she’s just making sure that I’m not sleeping on the job. 
Even though Stella mostly loves Jess, she inspires all of us to be happy, eat well and get lot of sleep. When we follow her advice, we craft you beautiful jewelry!
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13 May

Price Vs Quality buying fingerprint jewelry

Technical information, fingerprint rings
Price Vs Quality buying fingerprint jewelry
Price Vs Quality
It’s true…we are not the lowest price in the marketplace for fingerprint jewelry. However, we are by far and away the best quality!
Why is quality so important? You are about to invest in one of the most important aspects of your wedding. The dresses, the cake, the music are all for one special day. But your rings…you will have them throughout your marriage. If you purchase a metal of heirloom quality, you will have your rings to pass down to the next generation. You will admire your rings every day.
How are some manufacturers able to make their rings so much cheaper? They use cheap labor from Mexico and China and use machines to make the rings. We craft our rings in the USA by hand one at a time using sustainable practices and acceptable regulations and standards for the industry.
Every manufactured ring is exactly the same! The rings are made much thinner than a hand crafted ring. Our rings are 1.7mm-2mm depending on the design. Manufactured rings can be 1.2 mm or less. The manufactured rings are not personalized or custom. You buy what is available. The rings come in standard sizes and widths. Our rings can be crafted in any size or width that you want.  We also offer exclusive designs to Brent&Jess!
Most manufacturers will put rhodium plating on their white gold rings. The fingerprint is burned into the plating. When the plating starts to come off, the print also comes off. We use different processes to create a deep and lasting print.
The old adage, “you get what you pay for” certainly applies with wedding and engagement rings.
We make truly amazing, unique rings at brent&jess—impressions that last a lifetime!
Their fingerprint ring vs ours
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11 May

What is Palladium?

Palladium, technical information
What is Palladium?
Palladium is a metal that comes from the same group of metals as platinum. It is 95% pure and durable. It has a greyish-white color, rather than the bright white color of platinum. Palladium is also hypoallergenic. Right now, to craft a palladium ring is only slighter higher than crafting a 14k white gold ring. It’s a better investment than gold, because it is more valuable and more durable! It can be re-sized.
Collage of palladium handcrafted rings by Brent&Jess
Narrow palladium fingerprint wedding band
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9 May

A secret message of "I LOVE YOU" woven into the fingerprint.

Secret message

 A secret message of "I LOVE YOU" woven into the fingerprint.

 We can add a secret message to most of our tip fingerprint rings or necklaces.  It adds a special secret to your unique one of a kind piece. 
Custom 14k flat band with secret message
It is almost visible with the naked eye.  Seen best with a magnifying glass or lens.

10k secret message fingerprint ring
I love you works best but we have been known to add other short phrases.

Secret message in fingerprint wedding ring
It is one of our favorite personal touches!!
Secret message ring by Brent&Jess
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5 May

What is a comfort fit band?

technical information
What is a comfort fit band?
A comfort fit band is a ring that has a slight convex curve on the interior of the band. It can make a band more comfortable to wear. A comfort fit band can cost slightly more in precious metals, because more metal is needed to craft the curve.
Why do we have comfort fit bands? A few years ago the price of gold started rising through the roof. As a result, manufacturers started crafting their rings thinner and thinner to meet a price point that was affordable for wedding rings. The bands became so thin that they would cut into the finger. The manufacturers realized that if they curved the inner edge of the band, it would be more comfortable to wear. Thus, the comfort fit band was born!
Comfort fit wedding rings
At brent&jess, we craft comfort fit flat bands and comfort fit low dome bands. We start with a 3mm width and can go up to 6mm. There is no need for a comfort fit on narrower rings. As the rings get wider the curve becomes flatter. So, if if you need a ring wider than 6mm we ease or curve the interior edges of the ring for you which have the same effect.
Comfort fit bands work especially well for men's ring, since their knuckles are often wider than their fingers. The comfort fit helps the ring to slide off and on the finger.
 diagram of rings
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2 May

Christine and JT’s wedding

Customer stories
We love to share photos from customer’s weddings. Christine said, “It was just a perfect day!!!
And we have photos from her wonderful photographer, Aubrey Marie, to prove it
Attached is a link to my photographers blog and our favorite photos. Christine Crosley Phillips
Christine said, “JT's ring is amazing and so unique!  I love it.  Thanks for doing a rush job to get it done in time.”
If you have a story or photos to share, please send them along.
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27 April

Spring Ritual

Brent&Jess team
Spring has finally sprung in Maine, at least for this week! The temperatures are in the high 50’s and low 60’s. I know some of our warmer weather friends would think that’s really cold, but at least the snow is gone and flowers are beginning to bloom. There are small buds on the trees, crocuses appearing, and birds singing.
Every day at brent&jess we take a break from work and go for a 20minute walk to explore nature. Since our shop is near woods and small ponds, we can enjoy the smells and sights of spring. We hear the peepers in the ponds trying to out sing one another. 
Spring in Topsham Maine
A little further down in the next pond, we see rows of frog eyes staring us down as they guard their cloud of eggs. One slight move on our part and they take a flying leap back into the pond. 
In the center of the pond, we can see schools of minnows swimming around. Oh wait! I see a few goldfish in the mix. “How did they get there,” I wonder? The garter snakes should start slithering by soon, so we have to watch where we step.
Across the road, there is a woodpecker that has found a fallen tree and is turning it into sawdust. It’s wonderful to see all of the activity!
Be sure to go outdoors and take time to smell the flowers and get a breath of fresh air!
-your friend at brent&jess
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25 April

Romeo, oh Romeo

Customer story

Romeo, oh Romeo

Many of our customers are special and become like family to us. They have happy stories and sad stories to share. Crafting keepsake jewelry brings us close to them.
Sometimes a heartfelt story stands out and it’s nice to share the “good” in the world with others. We have a special customer, Becky, who has a heart made of gold. After crafting Becky a special pendant for her sister, she came back and asked us to make a unique pendant for a close friend. Her friend’s service dog of 10 years was dying from cancer. Although we no longer craft paw prints, we could not say, “No.”
Romeo, the beautiful golden retriever, has since passed away, but will never be forgotten. Becky wrote a beautiful poem that she gave to her friend with the heart pendant that had Romeo’s paw print in it.
 Dog paw pendant




















Becky Vinson

In Becky’s words, “This will be a gift of a lifetime for her.- He turns 11 in April and had been her service dog - with her every moment.- He is all she has - and is taking this very hard! I HOPE this will be greatest gift!”
We need more Becky’s in this world.
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20 April

Oops…no budget for wedding rings?

wedding planning
Oops…no budget for wedding rings?
After reading through numerous wedding blogs and sites regarding budgeting for the big day, I was surprised to find that not one of them mentioned WEDDING RINGS. Standard items on the budgeting list are: venue, officiant, food, music and entertainment, photography, flowers, décor, attire, and invitations. All of these items will be consumed, then gone… only lasting memories.
What about your wedding rings? Long  after the ceremony is over, the band has gone home, the cake has been eaten, the décor has been taken down, the wedding dress preserved, and the honeymoon is over…the last thing remaining are your wedding rings. They will be worn every day!
We think wedding rings deserve to be first on the list! To find the perfect rings take time and money. They are expressions of your love for one another. Wedding rings are symbols of eternity. They are typically crafted round to signify that there is no beginning and no end. Your rings will be the perfect sentimental heirloom to pass down to the next generation.
Leaving the search to the last minute can add a lot of unnecessary stress right before the wedding. We recommend beginning your search early. This way you can scratch one thing off your list and have plenty of time in case the rings need to be re-sized. 
Not adding the rings into the budget, can limit the choices. A platinum desire becomes a sterling silver reality. Similar to the other wedding expenses, compromises have to be made. Fortunately, wedding bands come in many different metals, sizes and shapes to fit all budgets. But it’s best to plan them in the budget, so that you can find rings that are uniquely yours.
Remember to make a budget for your rings. Your wedding rings will become one of the most lasting elements from your wedding day. We always recommend purchasing the best metal that your budget will allow, because your ring will be worn every day! We make truly amazing, unique rings at brent&jess—
planning a weddingAre you looking for a great book to help you plan? Check out http://apracticalwedding.com for the book you see in this photo!
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19 April

Are You Looking For a Rose Gold Wedding Band or Engagement Ring?

Rose gold, technical information

Are You Looking For a Rose Gold Wedding Band or Engagement Ring?

 The romantic beauty of rose gold has made it popular, but the way it sets off your skin tone is why people love it and buy it! 

 14k rose is made from a gold and copper alloy.  The warm toned Copper gives it that beautiful pink rose color. It has become a very popular choice among brides and grooms! It looks wonderful on many skin tones! Men like it because it has a less “gold” look and is more earthy because of the copper color.


It is still a unique choice that everyone does not have.

 Rose gold wedding ring options

Would you wear rose gold? 
We would! We think it is just gorgeous!

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31 March

L👀king for prints

Brent&Jess stories
Looking for prints
Two weeks ago, I went home to Texas to visit my 89 year old mother. My brother pleaded with me to go through her un-air-conditioned, cricket infested storage unit, so that we could empty it out and stop paying for it. The storage unit was full of treasures and memories. And, there were boxes, upon boxes, full of useless and unwanted junk (or someone else’s treasures):/
It was a dilemma to go through everything, because if I did find some treasure that I really wanted, I was going to have to figure out how to get it back to Maine. I was inclined to just through it all out. Then my brother pulled out an old Shirley Temple doll and one thing led to another. Memories started to flood my mind and the conversation turn to, “remember when…”
Working for Brent and Jess, one thing I really wanted to find was my deceased father’s finger print. At least a print would be easy to carry back home. But, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Unlike my mother, my father was extremely organized…a definite type A. So, I knew if I could just find his Army stuff, everything would be together in one place. 
After 3 hours of searching, I hit the jackpot! There was an old rusty cigar tin full of army memorabilia. I found a list of every pay check he received while serving, a picture of his army buddies standing in front of a pyramid in Egypt, his patches off his uniform, an unused bullet, some foreign change and his military card with his thumbprint! I was beaming with joy I found my treasure.
Now I can make both of my daughters’ keepsake pendants with their grandparents’ prints that they will be able to pass down to their children.
 Memorial fingerprint jewelry                                       
Brent&jess can craft tiny charms with prints on either side, a medium charm with the print on one side and my parents’ signatures on the back, or a large charm with both prints on the front and a special saying on the back. The options are limitless.
Necklaces handcrafted by Brent&Jess
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24 March

Wedding Ring Care

Ring care, information
How to keep your rings healthy and happy!
You and me fingerprint wedding rings
1.Use a store bought jewelry cleaner for routine cleaning. Use sterling silver cleaner for silver rings and use regular jewelry cleaner for other metals. It will make them instagram ready with surfaces that shine and stones that sparkle! 
(share your rings with us on instagram we would love to see them!!)
2.Removing your ring when you apply hand lotion and body oils will keep that yucky dull residue from building up on the rings and under the stones! You can use a toothbrush and dawn dishwashing detergent to clean the residue out from under the stones or in the fingerprint.  Antibacterial gels can strip the darkening from our rings as well!! Surprised
 3.Keep your ring in a safe place when you are not wearing it. A small ring box or ring dish will work well near the sink where you wash your hands or do the dishes. If you always put the ring in the same spot you have less of a chance that you might lose it! There are so many cute choices!  Your handmade ring would love a handmade dish Laughing
 4.Do not wear your ring when cleaning toilets or using other household chemicals. It’s a good time to give your ring a rest! Chemicals can pit the metal.
5.Remove your rings when you are gardening or lifting weights at the gym or doing other strenuous work that may cause your ring to bend and dent.
6.Avoid wearing your ring in the ocean or in hot tubs. The cold water will make your finger shrink and your ring will slip off your finger.  The chemicals in hot tubs will dull and pit your ring as well as possibly discolor silver jewelry.

7.Your ring is one of your most valued possessions! A symbol of your love! Please check with your insurance company to make certain it is covered by your policy! 

Most of all LOVE your rings and wear them! Don't get too hung up on the scratches!
Do what you can to protect the ring, you will clean it, you will buff it with a polishing cloth, and every time you touch it you will smile because each scratch is a memory, touching the ring, touching the print will make you think of the person, your special someone, and the reason you wear the ring.   
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22 March

Customer Love!

Customer Love

People love to send us photos of their unique one of a kind beautiful fingerprint rings!
Here are a few we have recieved lately.  This is a great way to see what our rings actually look like on a person.  
Custom Fingerprint wedding rings from customers

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4 February

Identity Theft

Identity theft

People ask us every now and then if their identity can be stolen with a fingerprint on a ring or signature.

Short answer is no. Everywhere you go you leave fingerprints.How many times have you signed things in your life without thinking twice?


Should you be cautious? Certainly.  Only you can decide what you feel comfortable with giving out for information.

Things to consider when shopping online: Does the website have a secure server? Does the company store credit card information?  We use a secure server and do NOT store your credit card information.

Never, never, never email credit card information, ever. 

Here is a helpful link about Identity theft.


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1 January

Happy New Year!

Happy new year, handmade rings, Brent&Jess

Happy New Year and a warm thank you from Brent&Jess!

Brent has been busy creating and crafting many new designs for 2016. 

Handcrafted new designs by Brent&Jess

Our weddings rings continue to be the heart of our business.

 Handmade rings by brent and jess

For those customers who bought wedding rings from us in our infant years, we expect that you, too, may now have infants of your own! We craft adorable footprints and handprints of children under 3 that are certain to bring a smile to your face. 

 Handcrafted personalized rings welcoming your baby

Perhaps this is your first anniversary, your fifth anniversary or your vow renewal…it’s always wonderful to celebrate with an anniversary band. We can mark that special day with diamonds or colored stones. 

Handcrafted fingerprint anniversary rings

And as our parents age and pass on, or we want to memorialize our friends and loved ones, we can remember them with lovely keepsakes that make lifetime impressions.

memorial handwriting and fingerprint gifts by Brent&Jess 

Here’s to a healthy, happy New Year!




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12 November


Thankful, Brent&Jess

Being self- employed and the owner of a company, I have days of joy and days with challenges. I'm always juggling many balls and wearing many hats. The days that are the most rewarding are the days I come to work and receive an email from a happy customer. 


"Hi everyone at Brent & Jess!

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the amazing job you did on my ring! It's even more amazing than I could have imagined.

Words can't express how thankful I am to be able to carry around a part of my dad with me every day.

Thank you again for all of the hard work and thought you put in. You were just wonderful to work with.

Enjoy the rest of your week!"


Our customers remind me why I am so passionate about my business....why I care so intently about my customers...and why  it's important for me to craft a quality product that I believe in. Being able to offer a wedding band with a touch of love or a memorial print with sentimental impressions warms my heart and keeps me going.
Thank you to all our customers who take a moment out of your busy schedules to write us testimonials, send us emails or even snail mail with kinds words of thoughtfulness and appreciation for the work that we do. We enjoy learning more about you, sharing in your special moments, hearing your stories and receiving your prized photos.
We love you and appreciate your business!
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10 November

Recent Work November 2015

Recent work

We love all the rings we send out! Here is a mix of some the beautiful rings that have gone out recently. 

Recent work




















Each ring is handcrafted with you're unique fingerprint! Handmade one at a time.

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3 November


Fingerprints, Fall

Fall leaves remind me of fingerprints. Each leaf is different, yet all are beautiful!

 Fall leaves and fingerprint ring
I like the different shapes and colors. Did you know that there are 9 different types of fingerprints? Within those categories each print is unique. 
Which print is similar to your print?
Classifying fingerprint
When we craft your prints at brent&jess, we do not alter your prints. It is very important to us that your print remains true to you. It tells the story of your life from beginning to end. Your fingerprints begin developing in the first 3 months of gestation and continue to grow as your hands and fingers grow. You may develop scars and wrinkles along the way....they are all part of your journey.
Happy Fall!
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28 September

Fingerprint Wedding Ideas

Fingerprint wedding ideas, wedding inspiration

So... you are buying fingerprint wedding rings and now you want to add fingerprint elements to your wedding!
I thought this was a cool idea for a Guestbook alternative.


they also have this cool poster you could put in your livingroom!


NoaOfirDesignHow about these fingerprinty invitations? Love them!

How sweet is this? You could use it on a table or chair, and then use it in your home after the wedding!


Maybe a mug for drinking?

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1 September

Wedding Planning Timeline

Wedding planning

Wedding planningWedding Planning Timeline:

You did it! You decided to get married! Congratulations!

I have been reading all sorts of wedding timelines and one thing concerns me about many of them.... when to buy the wedding rings.  Many don't list this as a priority at all.  Rings are the one thing from the wedding you will use every day of your life after the big day!  The cake will be eaten, music just an echo and the day a memory. Rings are a big part of the ceremony and you should have what you like.  If you are going to go custom you need to plan ahead.  Most custom jewelers have a certain timeframe to create your rings.  Our current turn around is about 6-8 weeks.  During the busy time (we are in it) it is really close to 9 weeks! If you are ordering online you should think about shipping time and what ifs.  If your ring doesn't fit is there time to size it? (yes our rings are sizeable and we are happy to do it!) What if they are lost in the mail!? Yes we will handle that too but it takes time!

The knot reccomends 4-6 weeks https://www.theknot.com/content/12-month-wedding-planning-countdown  

Real Simple says 4 months, The wedding cake is more important! http://www.realsimple.com/weddings/weddings-planning/wedding-planning-checklist
auren Conrad says 6 months http://laurenconrad.com/blog/2013/02/wedding-bells-the-wedding-planning-timeline/  I 

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26 August

Remembering a Loved One

memorial, keepsake
Are you sentimental? Are your grandparents or parents aging? Are your children leaving the nest? Are your babies no longer babies? Brent has created a beautiful line of keepsake jewelry to commemorate special moments in your loved ones’ lives. We can craft fingerprints, handprints and footprints!
 Mommy and Me personalized handprint necklace
We have an easy process to capture fingerprints using a graphite pencil that captures a wonderful quality print. You may take the prints now and craft whenever you are ready. For babies, we use an inkless kit to capture their handprints or footprints.
Here is our basic how to.  Our kits include everything you need with instructions with your order.

Materials:  Pencil,      Paper,        Transparent (scotch tape, can be magic or clear) Tape,       smooth white paper  (blank photo paper is best but copy paper will work.   


1. Gentley hold the pencil at an angle on a piece of paper and fill a small spot with graphite.

2.  Circle the tip of one finger over the graphite you filled in on the paper, five or so passes . Good technique includes the entire fingertip being sure to include your unique swirl.  Take a look at your finger before you start to see what your swirl looks like and where it is located. Keeping the paper at the edge of the table will make this easier. 

3. Pull 2 – 3 inches of tape, while only touching the ends and keeping the sticky side up.

4.  Place your graphite-covered finger onto the tape.

5.  Carefully place the tape with your fingerprint on a smooth sturdy piece of paper. 

10k white gold memorial fingerprint signet ring
In addition, we can use prints taken by funeral directors, hospice and hospital workers to make you an exquisite piece of jewelry that will capture the texture of your loved one. We use a hand laser to craft the prints. We do not alter the prints in anyway. So, what you see on the piece of jewelry is exactly the impression that you see on paper. It is the life of your loved one and their journey.
So, don’t wait until it’s too late! Start crafting your prints now.
Please contact us for more information at: info@brentjess.com
Love mom  handwriting necklace
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