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Fingerprint Types - Brent & Jess Fingerprint Wedding Rings
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A spotlight on our wonderful customers and their rings, various wedding topics and fun ideas, and our talented staff here at brent&jess. If you have content you would like us to consider please give us a quick email @ blog(at) We'd love to see pictures of you wearing your ring!

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Custom Creations by Brent&Jess

Post 1 of 108 - Published on 2014-04-10


Each ring is a one of a kind ring handcrafted for YOU by US!

Custom fingerprint rings by Brent&Jess

Custom work recently made at Brent and Jess

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Photos of rings

Some Recent Work

Post 2 of 108 - Published on 2014-03-27

Custom Handcrafted Fingerprint Rings by Brent&Jess

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Customizing Your Brent&Jess Ring

Post 3 of 108 - Published on 2014-03-18


Customizing Your Brent&Jess Ring

There are many ways to customize your Brent&Jess Ring.  We can add Prints to the interior or exterior of the ring.

Variations of Custom Fingerprint rings by Brent and Jess


We have two styles of the fingerprint. One is just the finger tip print, the other is a wrapped print that is actully an impression of your finger wrapped around the whole ring like you are wrapping your finger around theirs.

 wrapped around your finger

a wrap vs tip

We can add baby footprints or handprints

Details with foot prints or handprints

We can add your handwriting or signature

Handwriting Samples 

or we can add traditional engraving

Traditional Engraving Samples

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custom handmade fingerprint wedding rings