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Fingerprint and Signature Ring

$335.00Contact for Gold & Platinum Pricing
Design #373

This ring is an heirloom to be treasured forever.  Whether you are choosing this as a wedding ring or to memorialize a loved one that has passed, it will be treasured. Much like the fingerprint, your signature is just that, your signature. We have new artistic capability to engrave your loved one's signature into the surface of a ring. 

Sterling silver, 5mm, with a single signature on the outside and a solo fingerprint. This ring is half round with a comfort fit. The signature is darkened to show contrast, and the ring is finished with a shiny finish. There are so many sources for signatures--your grandmother's letters to your grandfather in WWII, your child's Valentine's card from school, your husband's signature from your marriage certificate, or a fresh signature from your girlfriend or boyfriend. A simple scanned image is all we need to hand-personalize your ring.  This is made with an ink print so we can use a ink fingerprint from history or one using our fingerprinting technique we send to you.

While our fingerprint rings are made using the ancient lost wax casting process, the process used for the Signature Series involves the newest tools technology can provide. We use this technology to engrave the signature on our handmade rings, and then finish them as carefully as we do our fingerprint wedding bands. 

Available in platinum, palladium, and gold; let us know your ring size if you'd like pricing in those metals. 

Please contact us to start a conversation about this unique ring, and ask us about pendants, combo fingerprint/signature rings, and multiple signature rings. There are many, many options--if there's something you'd like, please ask! We'll be rolling out more of our ideas over the next few months, but that doesn't mean we can't make them now upon request!



Contact for Gold & Platinum Pricing

 Proofs are available after purchase if you'd like to see how the signature will look on a ring. Please be aware that flourishing signatures may need a size reduction on a ring, and may be better suited to wider rings. We work closely with you to meet your priorities, whether you'd like the signature to fill the whole width regardless of truncating the top or bottom of the signature, or whether you'd like every last bit of the signature on the surface of the ring.



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