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23 May

Wedding Ring Trends

Wedding Ring Trends 2019

People always ask us what styles are popular.

Lately, the classic modern clean looks seem to be the most popular. Simple rings with more sentiment. 

Wedding ring designs 2019

Rose gold continues to be a favorite. White gold had trended above yellow gold for over 10 years.  Although people are starting to choose yellow gold again. 


Which designs and materials do you like?  Are you a trend setter or follower?


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13 February

Why the price of palladium is skyrocketing!?

palladium prices, palladium, general info, jewelry pricing
Why the price of palladium is skyrocketing!
Most of our customers don't check the prices of metals every day, but it's constantly on our minds. We want to offer our customers the BEST price available when we craft our rings.
That's why our quotes are good for one week only. Sometimes, the metal price doesn't change from week to week. On other occasions, the change can be dramatic. Just like
current events change the stock market, they can also change the metals market. Palladium fingerprint rings
Palladium is a metal that is primarily used for automatic catalytic converters for gasoline powered vehicles. The price is driven by supply and demand. With the market focused on
building electric cars, the demand for palladium is predicted to go down. There is a limited opportunity for additional growth. In addition, Russia is the largest producer of palladium. 
Based on current events, Russia could restrict the supply of palladium to the US limiting the availability of the metal and increase the price.

Consequently, platinum is currently a much better value for customers. We always recommend that our customers buy the best possible metal that fits their budget. Once the wedding is

over... the flowers, cake, and decorations are gone...but your rings are forever!
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12 February

We have moved!

Moving, Brent and Jess story, Fingerprint rings

Brent&Jess have picked up shop and moved from icy cold Topsham Maine to warm and sunny South Carolina. We will continue to be the same company you expect and have had at Brent&Jess in Topsham. Lynn and Madison are both still chilling in the snow in Maine doing email from their remote locations. 

We are excited about our new adventures in the Myrtle Beach area. We hope to have a studio open to the public soon and meet new Brent&Jess fans! :)

Jess beach combing  Myrtle Beach

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13 August

Remembering loved ones

Every email we received yesterday was about a death of a loved one. From 14 years old to 85 years old, each was traumatic. Some of the deaths were anticipated, others were not.  Working at brent&jess, I feel connected to each of these families. They are entrusting us to craft them a unique piece of jewelry to get them through their emotional ups and downs. Beyond prayers, friends, or a higher power, we have found that having something to hold on to, something tangible, helps people stay connected to their loved ones.  Fingerprint jewelry is unique, personal and powerful! The touch of a print, close to your heart, will bring back beautiful memories of a special person in your life.
Please contact us at info@brentjess.com to find out how we can help you through these difficult times.
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13 March

Are you looking for a unique wedding band?

Unique wedding rings, unique wedding bands, fingerprint wedding bands, unique ring, unique handmade ring

Are you looking for a unique wedding band?

Well look no further. There is nothing more unique to you than your fingerprint! You are the only one like you. Leave your impression on your loved one with your fingerprint on their wedding band.

Not only can we customize your wedding band with their fingerprint but we can do unique finishes and other design elements that are special for you. WHile we make a creative and unique product they are also high value and long lasting. Adding your handwriting or small drawing to the ring creates s wedding band that is even more special.


Some unique rings we have made:

 Custom Ring Designs

Do you know the material you would like the ring made from? When creating a wedding ring it is good to use a durable metal but also stay in your budget. That is why we stick to traditional materials. Sterling silver, 10k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold (all golds can be white, yellow or rose) palladium and platinum.  Sterling silver is the softest but it is budget friendly. It will still bring you years of happiness. Gold is a classic ring material because it is both beautiful and durable. Platinum and palladium are excellent durable white metals. While all precious metals will scratch over time they have unique properties that create a wonderful patina over the years.

What would you like on your ring? Email me with an idea you have for your ring. I am always happy to give quotes- no commitment until you are ready to get started :)

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6 March

Wedding Band Widths Suitable for Fingerprint Rings

wedding ring widths, wedding bands, ring widths
We can craft rings in any width that you like. The most common widths are 3mm bands for ladies and 6mm bands for gents. However, all bands are unisex. You should order a width that is
comfortable for the size of your hands.
2.5mm approximately 5/64 inch. 
Works well if worn with an engagement ring or for women with small hands.Too narrow for handwriting, but will fit tiny engraving. It is fine for a fingerprint but you will lose much of the texture that makes it look like a fingerprint.
3mm- approximately 1/8 inch  
Common size for ladies wedding bands. Nice size for gents with small hands. Will accomodate handwriting or engraving. Can fit a small diamond.
4mm-approximately 5/32 inch
Allows a little extra room for a trim or diamond. FOr a narrow band it has a good amount of room for a fingerprint.
6mm- approximately 1/4 inch 
Works well for gents traditional wedding band or thumb rings. 
8mm- approximately 1/3 inch 
Works well for rings that have borders, rims or detailing on edges. Also wide enough to accomodate scattered diamonds and handwriting. This width makes a very dinamic fingerprint ring. 
Custom Fingerprint Wedding Rings
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1 March

How to make a fingerprint ring!

Ordering a fingerprint ring from Brent&Jess is an easy process. We will walk you through the steps one by one.
First, pick out your favorite style ring and send us the link or style number. You can see all of the designs that we craft at: www.brentjess.com
Next, decide what metal you would like. If you would like sterling silver, you may order directly off our website. Simply click on the style that you want, add it to your cart and make your purchase.
If you prefer a metal other than sterling silver, we will need to give you a quote, so that you know the price. We work in all precious metals:
platinum, palladium, 18k white, rose and yellow gold, 14k white, rose and yellow gold, 10k white and yellow gold and sterling silver.
We will need your ring size to make you a quote. We recommend going to your local jeweler to get sized. Once you know the correct size, try on bands in different widths to determine what is most comfortable. Wider rings will require a larger size.
Once we have your information, we will email you a quote with all of the details
When all of the details are correct and you are ready to order, we will make you a custom listing online for your purchase. 
After the purchase is processed, we will mail you a kit to make your fingerprints. You send the prints back and we begin crafting. If you are domestic, it will take us 6-8 weeks to craft from the time we receive your prints.
We try to be as transparent as possible. If you have any questions throughout the process, you may contact us by email at: info@brentjess.com or by phone 1 888 370-7042.
All of our products are handcrafted in the USA by real people! We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you:)
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21 March

You And Me Fingerprint Rings

You&Me rings, handmade wedding rings, fingerprint rings, fingerprint wedding bands, sentimental rings

You&Me forver. It is a sentiment many people can relate to. These sentimental rings are a beautiful tribute to you and your special relationsip.

Brent&Jess You&Me rings

Our rings are also available in platinum, palladium, and gold. Please contact us with your ring sizes for pricing information.

For information about engraving, the current turnaround time, the process by which your ring is made, international orders, expediting your order, shipping, and the materials we do and do not work in, see our FAQs and policies.

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8 February

The process to purchase a Brent and Jess fingerprint ring

Process to make a fingerprint ring, fingerprint wedding band how to, fingerprint wedding band, fingerprint ring set

Brent&Jess process to design your custom fingerprint ring

Here's how our process works- first you decide on the style, metal and details of the ring that you want. We give you a quote. Once everything is confirmed, we make a listing for you to place your order. After your payment is received, we ship you a kit to make your fingerprints. You send the prints back to us, and we begin crafting for you!

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13 October

The Most Durable Engagement Rings For Everyday Wear

Engagement rings, personalized engagement ring, modern rings

The Most Durable Personalized Engagement Rings For Everyday Wear.

Brent&Jess create engagement rings that are high quality, durable, practical and beautiful.  Bonus on Brent&Jess rings they are also personal and meaningful with your actual fingerprint woven into the ring! Our turn around is 6-8 weeks since they are all handmade. We love the moderen look of flush set or bezel set diamonds. They are secure and since the light in a good quality GIA certified diamond enters through the top they are bright and full of sparkle.

Do you garden? Hike?Live an active lifestyle? Do you need an engagement ring that is beautiful but not fussy?  Our rings are great for nurses since they won't snag your gloves!  

We can create a ring in almost any budget! We can work with alternate stones like tourmailine, sapphire, or moissanite.
Just ask! What stone would you love to wear? 

Brent&Jess Engagement Rings

As always Brent&Jess strive to be eco-concious and ethical with our sourcing and creating. Brent&Jess is part of the sustainible jewelry movement.

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12 October

Anniversary Rings

Anniversary bands are a beautiful and symbolic way to reinforce one’s love for another in a committed relationship. The celebrated anniversary can be any special anniversary (1,5,10…). Some couples exchange new rings when they renew their vows.
Anniversary bands can be 3 stone rings. The stones represent the past, present and the future. They can also symbolize the wife, husband and children. Typically the center stone is slightly larger than the two side stones, but doesn’t have to be. The side stones should be larger than accent stones. You may use diamonds for a traditional ring or be creative with different stones.
A unique play on a three stone aniversary ring would be a three fingerprint ring. If you have one child you could do the two parents and the child or if you had two children, it could be your spouse and the two kids.  Celebrating your family would make a beautiful anniversary ring.

Family Rings for your anniversary by Brent&Jess
Anniversary bands can also be a stacking style ring with small stones covering the top of the ring. Diamonds are the most common stone. They are usually the same size set in a row. Anniversary bands can be worn with the wedding and engagement rings.
 Anniversary rings with your fingerprints
Eternity rings also make lovely anniversary bands. Eternity rings have stones going all the way around the band. They can also be worn on the same hand as the engagement and wedding ring.
In the day of non-traditional rings, you have permission to design an anniversary band that works for your personality. Be creative. Be daring. Be Bold.
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4 October

Birthstone Fingerprint Rings

birthstones, birthstone rings, handmade rings
Birthdays and anniversaries are often commemorated with colored birthstones. Did you know there is a special birthstone for every month of the year? Some stones are too soft to flush set, but we can generally come up with an alternative stone. We can also mount the larger stones in a bezel setting.
There are numerous myths and legends amount colored stones. For more information, please refer to the American Gem Society website:  https://www.americangemsociety.org/en/healing-gemstones
Here is an accepted list of stones by month:
January:  Garnet
February:  Amethyst
March:  Aquamarine
April:  Diamond
May:  Emerald
June:  Pearl, Alexandrite
July:  Ruby
August:  Peridot
Sept:  Sapphire
Oct:  Tourmaline, Opal
Nov: Topaz, Citrine
Dec:  Tanzanite, Turquoise, Zircon
We can also combine stones for you:
Custom Handcrafted Fingerprint Birthstone Ring with Sapphires and Diamonds
Birthstones are ideal for Mother’s rings or pendants! Or, create your own unique combination of colors to express yourself.
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21 September

I’ll go next week…

ring sizing
Men often do not want to go to the jewelry store to get sized. They would rather guess their ring size than get fitted. Many times, men will assume their ring size by a ring they are wearing rather than make a trip to a jewelry store.
The problem is that all rings do not fit the same. If you are currently wearing a ring and it is a 4mm wide band, but you want to purchase an 8mm band, the ring size will need to be larger. If you are wearing a ring with a stone, the ring is often hollow on the interior of the band under the stone. This allowance will cause the ring to fit differently from a solid band.
In addition, comfort fit bands will fit differently than traditional flat bands.
It’s always best to get sized by a professional jeweler. A jeweler knows the proper way to measure a ring to account for variances. When purchasing on the web, you don’t have the option of trying on the exact ring that you are going to purchase. As long as you can get close to the correct size in a similar style ring, we will be able to re-size your ring for you. We work exclusively with metals that can be re-sized.
So, do the best you can and don’t stress over it. We’re here to help!
Ring sizing
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19 September

We’re in the business of “LOVE”!

Every day I read the news articles in the paper and online and there is some mention of hate: hate crimes or hateful people. It’s sad and depressing.
I’m lucky to be working in a business that promotes love. Brides and grooms are always bubbling with excitement, planning their perfect rings to consummate their marriage. They put a lot of time and effort into finding a ring that symbolizes their relationship and love for one another. Each ring we craft has a special meaning. Sometimes the meaning is hidden and sometimes it’s spelled out on the exterior of the band.
Secret Message Ring
Ring personalized with fingerprint and Handwriting 
We also craft rings to memorialize our loved ones. Whether they are our children, parents or grandparents, we can craft their signatures and/or prints to remember how special their presence is in our lives. Memories of love, kindness, heroic acts, integrity and unwavering values can be shared with a fingertip or name!
Memorial Jewelry
Let’s all promote love!
Two become one 14k gold fingerprint necklace
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16 September

“My husband is absolutely in love with his ring and said how it’s as if I’m always with him.”

Brent&Jess rings

Many of my friend’s poopoo the idea of a fingerprint ring. They ask, “why would anyone want a ring with a fingerprint on it?”


Our customers answer that question even better than I can. Here are some reasons directly from them:


“I love wearing it and thinking of my Grandpa and happy memories!!”


“He (her child) passed away unexpectedly three years ago, and the pendant is something very special.”


“I wanted to pick something that was extraordinary and unique…Because we are a long distance couple, I had wanted my fiancée to have a ring that would have a part of me, so that he would never feel separated from me…even though we are hundreds of miles apart.”


“So so so beautiful thank you tears of joy they are blessed you made the days so much brighter for us we cannot thank you enough!!!”


“My son just turned 1 in May and I cannot believe how fast the time flew by. Looking down at his little hand print will forever be a beautiful keepsake for me. Even though he will grow up so fast, I’ll be able to keep this ring to remind me how little he once was.”


“The ring is absolutely stunning. The craftsmanship and artistry is above reproach. It (the ring) came beautifully packaged and exceeds my expectations.”


“My husband is absolutely in love with his ring and said how it’s as if I’m always with him.”


“She loved it. Tears of joy. Thanks so much for making a memory and such a unique piece sure to be a part of our family for years to come.”

 Why buy a Brent&Jess Ring?

Can you think of an occasion that a fingerprint ring might be meaningful to you? How about for a wedding, to commemorate the birth of a baby or a special event in someone's life, to memorialize a parent, relative or friend? There are countless reasons for wanting to have the touch of someone special with you always. Brent&jess are willing to work with you, so that together you can create a special one of a kind treasure.

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25 August

Why Do Ring Sizes Vary?

Ring sizing

Why Do Ring Sizes Vary?

Have you ever gone to your local jewelry store to get your finger sized and then gone into another jewelry store to find out that it is a different size? Customers often tell us that they went to several different stores and got several different ring sizes. The confusion makes for a very frustrating outing!
So, how can a customer know which ring size is correct? It’s impossible to know for sure. There is no standardized tool for sizing rings. Each mandrel and each ring set can be slightly different. Some mandrels are made of steel and some are made of plastic which is more forgiving.
Ring sets can be narrow or they can be wide. Narrow rings are used for sizing narrow bands (3mm and less) and wide rings are used for sizing wide bands (3mm and greater). It doesn’t matter if you are male or female; the sizers are for measuring the width of the band. There are no sizers for comfort fit bands.
In addition, the way a jeweler reads the tool can vary. Some jewelers go by the leading edge (the side that goes on first) of the ring. Other jewelers will size from the center of the mandrel. Both ways of reading the size are acceptable. 
Why Do Ring Sizes Vary?
To make matters more confusing, the size of your fingers will change throughout the day. Hands will swell in the heat and shrink in the cold. Also, many foods and medications can cause our hands to swell. Your ring size could change in the course of a day!
We realize that ring sizing can be confusing and we are happy to work with our customers to get a perfect fit. We want our customers to enjoy wearing their brent&jess rings.
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17 August

Thank You Notes!

thank you notes

We love thank you notes! Every now and then we get them and it is a really fun way to see who we worked with to create unique and custom rings!

Here is a thank you note from Elisabeth and Scott!

Scott and Elisabeth
It is such a good idea to plan a photo with your photographer and have photo cards made!
They used B&E Photography out of Indianapolis


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15 August

Wedding insurance

wedding insurance

Wedding Insurance?

There are so many things that can go wrong on your wedding day.  I recommend talking to someone about wedding

insurance.  It seems very afordable for the piece of mind it would give you.I hadn't thought about wedding insurance

much until last week.  We had a few customers email us telling us how their locations had gone out of business and

they were struggling to find a new venue after losing their deposit.   

They can reimburse your deposit if a vendor goes out of business, declares bankruptcy before your wedding, or simply

fails to show up.

What if your dress is lost or damaged?? It can cover the repair or replacement cost!!

The ring gets lost or damaged? It covers that too!

A hurricane causes you to rescedule... it can reimburse you for non recoverable expenses.

If the bride or groom is unexpectedly called up to duty, or her or his military or service leave is revoked, forcing you to

postpone the event, they can provide reimbursement for non-recoverable expenses.

The only thing it doesn't cover is cold feet.  

We bumped into to Mike Sawyer at Foy Wedding protection at a wedding party, and he was kind and knowledgeable!

He made a good case to get insurance for your wedding.  Most people spend more on a cell phone plan than it would

cost to cover the entire event. 

We had no idea it was so affordable and how much it covered!  

Foy Wedding Insurance
His email is 

Wedding Insurance


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9 August

What is the Process of Making a Brent&Jess Ring?

Brent&Jess Process

What is the Process of Making a Brent&Jess Ring?

1. When we first receive your kit, we place your fingerprints, handwriting card, and any other relevant material into your very own production tray. Lynn would have added it all into our system capturing all the details you requested.
 Brent in the shop
2. If you have ordered a wrap print, Brent creates a wax model of your print in the shape and size of the ring you have selected. We use a patented process exclusive to brent&jess.
3. Your ring is then cast into the metal of your choice.
4 .Adam removes the strip of extra metal (called a sprue), and readies the ring for laser engraving. Brent laser's your print onto the ring.
The shop at Brent&Jess
5. The final finish is applied,  engraving is added and then we check, re-check, and check again to make sure everything is perfect! 
6. We photograph your piece, package it up and ship it to you.
 Brent&Jess checking details
At brent&jess, we double check each step throughout the process, so that we are crafting you the best quality ring that we can possibly make. We take great pride in our work! We want you to love your brent&jess ring and enjoy wearing it.
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8 August

Maine Living Blog Series Number 8:All those spots to swim

Maine Living Blog Series

On a hot, hot day our family likes to go to a lake to spend the day in the water.  Scattered through out Sagadahoc and Lincoln counties are many small ponds, rivers, and lakes.  We are boatless swimmers so a small pond suits us nicely.  The children like to go to Coffin Pond in Brunswick because there is a really fun slide that has water sprayed on it making for an exciting zoom down into the water.  Coffin Pond is a haven for children because there is also a fun playground to go to while drying off and warming up.  The life guards are diligent, everyone has fun.

Damariscotta Lake is huge.  On the Jefferson end of the lake there is a state park with good parking, life guards, and a well-maintained freshwater beach. 
The water is cool and pleasant for swimming.  The swim area is roped off so swimmers are safe from boaters. There's a pavilion area that is suitable for family picnics or any group gathering.  Since this is a state park a reservation can be made via the state park web site.  
Since we have a camp in Weld, Lake Webb is our away from home swimming place.  Lake Webb is part of the Mt Blue State Park.  The lake is a kettle pond left by the glacier.  While swimming the view is of the mountains looming around the sides with blue, blue sky overhead.  There is a boat ramp and camp sites too. Since the lake is small there aren't many power boats.  Kayaks and canoes can go into more places where bigger boats can't navigate. The sand beach at the swimming area is a good spot to sit watching the clouds drift by.
Lakes, ponds, rivers, and the ocean all make for beautiful backdrops for wedding ceremonies.  The church at the top of Bunker Hill overlooks Damariscotta Lake.  Pemaquid beach is a pretty place, as is the small town beach in Southport.  There isn't much development at either and by putting the ocean behind the wedding party the pictures would be sensational.  In Florida this last winter I saw many wedding set ups along St. Pete's beach, the ocean is not as pretty there as it is here.  
 All those spots to swim
The deep lush green of June and July with white puffy clouds in a blue sky look so beautiful as backdrops to wedding pictures.  There's a pretty stone chapel out at East Boothbay that hosts many weddings. There are rocks there, not sand!  Also in Boothbay is the big Catholic church that sits high above the harbor.  
Even my garden would make a nice venue for a mid-summer wedding.  The pink phlox is just coming on, the fancy black-eyed susans, daisies, and hydrangea are in full blossom.  The huge rock wall gives the front side definition.  I can see a wedding out there with a big tent out behind.  Of course with an outdoor wedding there is always the possibility of rain.  This summer it has been so dry that rain is forgotten.
Nonnie B
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4 August

The process of crafting a fingerprint engagement ring


Brent makes these handmade fingerprint rings with skill and artisanship. Each one is handmade by us here in our studio in Topsham, Maine. We are a small local business that strives to create wonderful handmade wedding rings that should last a long time.

This engagement ring is a beauty. It is two tone white and yellow gold.  The setting is bezel set which makes it durable and easy to wear. (No snagging on sweaters and delicate fabrics!!) Some people think that bezel set diamonds are less sparkly. This is not true.  A well cut diamond brings light in through the top and reflects it back out through the top.  They are still brilliant and eye catching. 
Handmade engagement ring

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3 August

Maine Living Blog Series Number 7: Pies and Berries

Maine Living Blog Series

Due to a short growing season Maine is not lush with a wide variety of fruits.  The good news is that the four main fruits that do grow are prolific and somewhat untamed.  Strawberries arrive first in mid to late June. In mid-coast Maine there are many places to "pick-your-own" strawberries.  I like to go over to Dresden to Popp's farm  or, in Whitefield to the Sheepscott General farm.  Typically during the early summer weekends, strawberry shortcake is the dessert served at church fairs and community fund-raisers.  There are plenty of variations on the shortcake biscuit, from round sponge cakes to a more homemade baking soda type biscuit.  My favorite variation is a base of homemade pound cake with a huge helping of cut berries and homemade whipped cream. Strawberry- rhubarb pie is the early summer offering at most pie baker's, homes.  Rhubarb is prolific as well, growing wild near old foundations and is often planted near bulkheads in older houses.

Perhaps due to the lack of rainfall, blueberries are early this year.  In the barrens around our neighborhood the picking has already started.  Usually it isn't until early August that the colorful packing boxes get dumped off at each section of the barrens.  Our next door neighbor Elli Damon has his "pick-your-own" sign out on Thayer Road..  Already there have been pickers with their rakes.  Most local people(where ever they live, not just Lincoln County) have secret spots where they have picked berries over the years.  Going out in the yard to pick a cup of berries in the morning for blueberry pancakes or muffins is a must.  Blueberries are prolific, they really thrive in the rocky Maine soil.  The big barrens are owned by local families who are part of a cooperative live Wymans. Maine berries are small and have a distinctive taste.  Picking blueberries is a summer tradition for many people.  Robert McCloskey's book "Blueberries for Sal" says it all, as do Andrew Wyeth"s pictures of the pleasures of picking-like stretching out in the wild grasses next to the berry patch.
August is the best month for getting a slice of blueberry pie.  The Union Fair has a whole food concession devoted to blueberry pie.  I don't consider a lobster bake complete without several blueberry pies for dessert.  Most lobster bake concessions now offer blueberry cake instead of pie.  Blueberry cake is delicious too, as long as lots of bllueberries are used.  Since the blueberry season is short many cooks buy flats of berries to flash freeze for use the rest of the year.  On Blinn Hill there is a seasonal shop that sells flats.  Out on Route 1 in Wiscassett there are spots to buy berries by the quart.
While the blueberries are coming on the wild raspberries appear as well.  Brambles grow so easily that black raspberries show up everywhere.  Mowing the lawn the brambles tear at my legs.  The more I cut them down, the more they seem to grow.  Again many people grow these berries.  The cultivated red raspberries are the most tender.  I am not a fan of black raspberries but they are delicious in jam.  
Further north the bears and other small animals depend on the wild berries for sustenance.  Yesterday I saw a mother turkey with 6 chicks feasting in Elli"s patch.  
Apples are the 4th prolific fruit.  There's much to say about apples so I'll save that topic for another day.
Nonnie B.
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18 July

Maine Living Blog Series Number 6: Water, water, everywhere

Maine Life

Water, water, everywhere 

Some of our family enjoys walking on the ocean beaches year round.  There's nothing to compare with a very brisk walk cloaked in hats, coats, mittens, scarves, boots, and woolly socks.  I find that after spending days inside with the wood stove cranked up walking on the windy beach clears the cobwebs from the brain and puts a pep in my step.  I consider this to be the non-skier equivalent of cross country skiing.  There's interesting detrius from winter storms to observe while walking on the shoreline.  Some times there are many sea clam or scallop shells to gather.  A thermos of tea or coffee enjoyed in the lee of a dune is very pleasant.  The people I do see are usually being walked by dogs.  Ocean air refreshes the spirit.

Of course the children  and the less hardy prefer the beach during the summer months.  As a family we don't expect to swim on most of our trips, although we do wear our bathing suits.  The ocean temperature is in the mid-60's, but there are tide pools and long finger of ocean water coming in or going out.  Splashing in the waves is refreshing.  At both Popham State Park and Reid State Park the beach is the most fun at low or half tide.  At Popham its fun to walk out to the big rock island that can only be reached at low tide to climb on the paths and enjoy the views.  Reed, on the other hand, has a tidal stream that crosses the marsh and  rushes into the stream bed to the ocean.  At low tide the stream bed is fun to wade in,to float boats, and  to sit in.  For small children this area is perfect.  There is also a large pool of water that isn't deep where children congregate.  At both beaches the main beaches are long and wide.  Like so many aspects of Maine the water temperature, air temperature, and wind can change quickly changing from a glorious sunny day to a cool, foggy one. Packing a sweatshirt is always wise, regardless of what the weatherman promises.  Down the peninsulas there is frequently a 10 degree difference that is helpful to remember.  
At Pemaquid there is a town beach that is very pretty.  The beach is crescent-shaped with white, white sand.  Off beyond the swimming limits there are working lobster boats with sail boats gliding by.  This is a good beach for swimming, due to the way the beach is formed, the water flows in over the warmed flats as the tide turns.  Head Tide dam in Alna is a great spot for a refreshing dip into the deep pools beneath the dam.  There is no beach, this is strictly swimming off the flat rocks.  At high tide the swimming is best for those who are adventurous.  
Walks on the beach in Maine
These are the places that we like to go.  As with any large body of water its important to be aware of the conditions-like far off thunder or undertows.  At the state park beaches there are life guards and sign boards.  The tide change can cause situations like stranding a person out on rocks that eventually will be underwater.  Enjoy the beach!
Nonnie B.


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29 June

What width should I make my wedding ring?

What width should I make my ring?
Many customers ask us what width ring they should purchase. The wider the band, the more finger print it will show. 
Since you will probably want to wear your ring every day, it’s important to have a ring that is comfortable to wear. We recommend going to a local jeweler to get professionally sized. We find that online tools are not accurate. Once you know what size ring you need, try on different width bands to see what feels right. Wider bands will require a larger size to fit over the knuckle.
Everyone’s hands are slightly different. If you have short fingers, it is best to go with a narrow band. The longer your fingers, the wider you can go. We prefer to craft rings that are at least 2.5mm or wider, so that the ring is stable. A narrower ring will not show the whorl of the finger which is what makes your finger print unique.
 What width should I make my ring?
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24 June

Looking down at his little hand print will forever be a beautiful keepsake for me

Customer stories
I just wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU for the beautiful ring you created out of my son's hand print. My husband gave it to me as a birthday gift and I absolutely love it! I get so many compliments on it and I wear it every day.I have a few pieces by your company and I love and adore every single one. This ring though is by far my favorite. 
My son just turned 1 in May and I cannot believe how fast the time flew by. Looking down at his little hand print will forever be a beautiful keepsake for me. Even though he will grow up so fast, I'll be able to keep this ring to remind me how little he once was.
Thank you so much for creating a company that makes such special and unique pieces for people to cherish!
I will continue to be a Brent & Jess customer and spread the word about your amazing pieces!
I have attached a photo of the ring with my little boy's hand next to it. It's amazing! Thank you!!
Cute baby hand with the ring dad made for mom
Baby handprint ring with diamond
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22 June

Why rings may look alike, but be totally different.

Handmade vs machine made
Why rings may look alike, but be totally different.
Two rings can look the same, but are they the same? If the price is dramatically different, then most likely the rings are different. 
Machine manufactured rings are very different from hand crafted rings. They look different and can feel different. Machine made rings are typically lighter weight than hand-crafted rings. Each ring is made exactly the same, possibly 100’s at a time. Because machine manufactured rings are lower in cost to make, they can be more ornate and still be at affordable prices.
With hand crafting, no two rings will be identical. The finish and detailing on the rings will reflect that they are handmade. They will have very slight irregularities and variations that add to the beauty of the ring. Crafting each ring one-at-a-time involves many hours of labor, but ensures that love and care is going into your treasure. They are many different processes involved in handcrafting a ring: model making, casting, detailing the metalwork and adding the finish. Each detail that is added to the ring requires additional time and labor and adds to the final cost.
Whether you purchase a hand crafted ring or a machine manufactured ring is personal preference. However, you can expect your hand crafted ring to cost substantially more. 
At brent&jess, we keep our prices as low as possible. Your quotes are based on the lowest market price at the time of purchase. If you are working on a budget, we are happy to work with you to find the perfect ring.
Handmade vs commercial fingerprint ring
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