Will my sterling silver ring turn my finger green?

Does it mean I bought a cheap ring?

Chances are no. If you bought the piece from a small independent jeweler or a bigger retail chain they have a lot riding on their business to be selling fake silver. Is the piece stamped 925 or sterling? It is probably sterling.

If you have purchased something from a internet business where the price seems low for sterling silver it is possible it is plated or something other than sterling silver. Many internet businesses on etsy and the internet advertise their items as silver- they mean silver colored. It does not indicate that they are sterling silver and of value.


Sterling Silver is a wonderful metal for rings and is very budget friendly. However, pure silver is too soft for jewelry unless it is alloyed with stronger metals. Copper is one of the metals that is used as an alloy. The silver we use is .925 sterling, which is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

We offer some very high quality fingerprint rings that should not turn your finger green!

Most people will have no problem wearing sterling silver. However, 2-3% of the population have a higher acidity in their skin. This, combined with their city or town environment and the food they consume, can cause a reaction with the copper and result in a green tone on the finger. The green comes off fairly easily. However, it is not desirable for one’s wedding band to cause a finger to turn green!


This has only happened with a few of our customers out of the thousands of rings we have made. We encourage you to contact us if this happens to you, because there are several solutions we can explore.

We don’t want your finger green either 🙂

Why Does My Finger Turn Green With Sterling Silver?
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