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Products 10k Yellow Gold Fingerprint Wedding Band with Exterior Fingerprint Wrap

10k Yellow Gold Fingerprint Wedding Band with Exterior Fingerprint Wrap

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A variation on the ring that started it all!

The fingerprint of your loved one from the tip to the base of the hand, wrapped around the outside of a 6mm 10k yellow gold band. The print has been darkened for contrast. Also available natural for a subtle texture.

Our rings are available in sterling silver, platinum, palladium, and gold. Please contact us with your ring sizes for pricing information.

If you would like a name, date, or initials engraved on the inside of the ring, please add engraving to your cart. We can add your own handwriting for an extra special touch.

For information about engraving, the current turnaround time, the process by which your ring is made, international orders, expediting your order, shipping, and the materials we do and do not work in, see our FAQs and policies.

10k Yellow Gold Fingerprint Wedding Band with Exterior Fingerprint Wrap

Style:  Flat Band
Material: 10k Yellow Gold
Width: 6mm
Fingerprint: Exterior wrap print. Like your loved one is wrapped around your finger.
Fingerprint Finish: Darkened


The Fine Print:

The design or finish on the exterior of any ring is vulnerable to scratching and wear over any period of time, especially sterling silver. If you are concerned about wear, consider purchasing a ring with the fingerprint on the interior.

All of the metals scratch and dent; exterior high polish or brushed finish can be refreshed with polishing or brushing.

A darkened finish allows the details of the fingerprint to stand out by blackening the crevices. Vigorous polishing and cleaning can remove this finish.

We stamp our Maker’s Mark and Quality Stamp on all rings–these stamps are not placed on the fingerprint.

Due to the handmade nature of our rings, widths are approximate.

Only available from brent&jess, handcrafted by us on the Coast of Maine. Our rings are completely custom and are sure to be memorable and lasting.

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