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Products Personalized pocket knife with the Signature of your choice

Personalized pocket knife with the Signature of your choice

$165.00Contact for Gold & Platinum Pricing
Design #1636

This is a 2 inch pocket knife. Perfect to slip into your pocket and carry with you hunting or camping. This personalized pocket knife will be customized with your handwriting sample and fingerprint. It could be a child’s handwriting or maybe a love note from your sweetie. If you lose your stuff you could personalize it with your very own signature.

This would make an excellent gift for a groomsman.

Do you have a knife that is your favorite? This could be it.  Make your mark.  No one else will have a pocket knife like this. 

Knife details: made in USA

Contact for Gold & Platinum Pricing

Each fingerprint and signature is made with your custom image you have sent us.  Quality depends on the file you send to us.  We take great pride to make the best possible item possible and may need to have multiple choices of your fingerprint and signature. 

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