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Products The Gift of Memories Past Pendant

The Gift of Memories Past Pendant

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Design #383

I have always felt strongly about family history. My Grandfather was a source of much pride in the family. He fought for the rights of all world citizens in WWII. The fingerprint and signature are both from his discharge papers from WWII. We created a wonderful family heirloom with this document as a gift to his loving daughter Nancy. We all miss him every day.  

You too have a similar story. A loved one who is there with you or even one who isn't. Maybe they live far away. Carry this piece of them with you.  

We can make this with a print that you provide from historical records. There are many reasons people get fingerprinted. We can also do this with inkprints that we send you a kit to obtain these from someone who is just miles away.

This pendant is ethically sourced and handmade in Sterling Silver with a fingerprint, provided by you, on the front side. On the backside standard engraving as shown. For an additional charge we could add their handwriting instead. We have left the fingerprint darkened for contrast. A wonderful gift to celebrate loved one's everywhere. A sterling silver round pendant with a high polish finish.

Also available in palladium, platinum, and gold. Please contact us for pricing information. 

For information about engraving, the current turnaround time, the process by which your piece is made, international orders, expediting your order, shipping, and the materials we do and do not work in, see our FAQs and policies.

The Gift of Memories Past Pendant

Style:  Organic Disc 1"
Material: Sterling Silver
Dimensions: Approximately 1"
Fingerprint: Single Fingertip Print
Fingerprint Finish: Darkened
Exterior Finish: High Polish


Contact for Gold & Platinum Pricing

The Fine Print:

Children under 3 years old have very faint fingerprints that are difficult to transfer to metal. We are happy to craft a pendant with the hand or footprint of your child and can provide you with a kit to capture them!

The design or finish on the exterior of any jewelry is vulnerable to scratching and wear over any period of time, especially sterling silver. Exterior high polish or brushed finish can be refreshed with polishing or brushing.

A darkened finish allows the details of the fingerprint to stand out by blackening the crevices. Vigorous polishing and cleaning can remove this finish.

We stamp our Maker’s Mark and Quality Stamp on all pieces–these stamps are not placed on the fingerprint.

Due to the handmade nature of our jewelry, dimensions are approximate.

Only available from brent&jess, handcrafted by us on the Coast of South Carolina. Our rings are completely custom and are sure to be memorable and lasting.

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