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Products Bronze Family Circle Fingerprint Ornament with up to 5 Fingerprints

Bronze Family Circle Fingerprint Ornament with up to 5 Fingerprints

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Design #53

Our customers love the experience they have imprinting just as much as the final product!

Pictured with the fingertip prints of two adults (Mom & Dad) and 3 children ages 11, 9, and 5. As each year passes everyone can look at this meaningful piece to see how little ones have grown or to remember those who are not with us any longer. 

The bronze family ornament has up to five fingerprints, darkened for contrast---please let us know if you'd like us to design a piece that will fit more than five prints. The diameter is approximately 1.25 inches, and each is handmade so the print layout may vary. 

Comes with a 7/8 inch sheer red ribbon to hang on a branch or anywhere else.

The year is stamped in the middle of the ornament. If you would like names or initials engraved on the back, please add engraving to your cart. 

Bronze Family Circle Fingerprint Ornament with up to 5 Fingerprints


Circular Bronze Ornament




Approximately 1.25"


Five Fingerprint Tips

Fingerprint Finish:


Contact for Gold & Platinum Pricing

The Fine Print:

Children under 3 years old have very faint fingerprints that are difficult to transfer to metal. We are happy to craft an ornament with the hand or footprint of your child and can provide you with a kit to capture them!

The design or finish on the exterior of any metalwork is vulnerable to scratching and wear over any period of time, especially sterling silver. Exterior high polish or brushed finish can be refreshed with polishing or brushing.

A darkened finish allows the details of the fingerprint to stand out by blackening the crevices. Vigorous polishing and cleaning can remove this finish.

We stamp our Maker’s Mark and Quality Stamp on all pieces–these stamps are not placed on the fingerprint.

Due to the handmade nature of our jewelry, dimensions are approximate.

Only available from brent&jess, handcrafted by us on the Coast of South Carolina. Our rings are completely custom and are sure to be memorable and lasting.

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