What is rhodium plating?

Rhodium Plating

What is rhodium plating?

It is a microscopic layer of rhodium on white gold.  Typically used in commercial jewelry to make white gold look more white. Rhodium is a bright white metal that is more expensive than platinum.

Why do jewelers rhodium plate?

Many jewelers rhodium plate to make white gold look more white.  White gold is made of gold which naturally occurs yellow.  It is alloyed with white metals to have a white tone.  It also helps Diamonds look more brilliant and white. 

Do we rhodium plate?

Yes, and No. We can Rhodium plate your wedding band.  We do have a fee for this service.  We don’t rhodium plate unless you specifically request it.  Most men don’t want to maintain the rhodium plate,  it needs to be re-plated every 2 years or so depending on how hard you are on your ring.  If a ring is standing alone you would never notice the warm cast of white gold.  Someone wearing a rhodium plated engagement ring might want their ring to match and they choose to have this done.  

Will rhodium plate hurt the fingerprint?

No rhodium plating is such a microscopic layer it does not diminish the fingerprint at all.  

I already got my white gold ring can I still send it to you to be rhodium plated?

Yes! We are always happy to work on our creations to make them work for you.  Email us and we will send you a link to purchase the rhodium plating and send you a repair card to retune with your ring.

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