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Fingerprint Types - Brent & Jess Fingerprint Wedding Rings
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Hello! Thank you for your interest in our handmade custom fingerprint rings! We cast your real fingerprint texture into sterling silver, gold, palladium, and platinum for your special someone to have with them at all times. We have an alternative process for memorial jewelry and keepsakes that uses ink or graphite.


We accept ALL major credit cards through our website at check out. Or you can choose to check out with Paypal. Or if you prefer to pay over the phone, you may call us at 1.888.370.7042.  We do not accept checks or money orders at this time.


Our shipping charge covers the cost of shipping the fingerprint kit from us to you and your finished product from us to you. The method and cost of returning the kit to us is up to you--a Priority Flat Rate Envelope or Small Flat Rate Box is easiest and will cost you about $5 domestic. The boxes and envelopes are free at the Post Office. First Class is also an option and will cost you a bit less, but you will need to package the materials and tape it up yourself. Shipping jewelry to international locations is expensive. We use FedEx to ensure that your jewelry gets through customs and to you in time for your wedding. If you are not from the US you may have customs fees that are not included in our shipping charge. Please do not ask us to mark a package differently to avoid fees. There are hefty fines associated with that and we could lose our business.

Turnaround Time

Our current turnaround time is 6-8 weeks from when we receive your imprint kit, for a total of about 8-10 weeks. For international orders, our current turnaround time is 8-10 weeks from when we receive your imprint kit, for a total of about 10-12 weeks.
Expediting is available for domestic orders. The expedite charge is $100, which includes first priority service and express shipping for delivery of the finished product.

Refunds and Exchanges

While custom items may not be returned, we will work with you to figure out the problem and provide solutions.
Our rings are handmade one at a time. The finish and detailing on a ring will reflect that they are handmade rather than made by a machine. These slight irregularities and variations add to the character of your ring.

All metals scratch and dent. Any design or finish on the exterior of any ring is vulnerable to scratching and wear over any period of time, especially sterling silver. We cannot replace a ring because it has shown wear. Finishes on the exterior of rings with prints on the INSIDE can be refreshed with polishing or brushing. Keep in mind polishing is done by removing material. Consider purchasing the fingerprint on the interior if you are concerned about the exterior wearing.

Additional Information

All work is guaranteed to be made to the highest quality. Remember all work is handmade so there may be variations and irregularities that add to the character of the piece. The fingerprint outcome is based on your finger and its qualities. We are not able to make a ring like you see here if you have weak fingerprints.
Two things separate us from the rest--we are professional jewelers, and our process is unlike our competition. We use your actual fingerprint texture in our fingerprint wedding bands--no computers, no engraving, no etching. Our pieces result in an exact positive texture, not a negative texture like you would find with an ink print or some etching and engraving processes. Custom pieces from our Memorial and keepsake lines are made using a different process. Often the customer's loved one has passed away or is very ill. For those pieces we use an ink or graphite print and an engraving process. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss the two processes and their resulting pieces.

Answers to Frequently asked Questions

1. We stamp our maker's mark as well as the quality stamp on the inside of all our rings. We do not stamp these over the interesting part of the print. For rings with an inside tip print, the stamps are placed in the blank space. For rings with an inside wrap print, the stamps are not placed over tip part of the print.

2. Caring for your one of a kind brent&jess Fingerprint Ring

Your ring is a handmade, hand-sculpted, custom piece of art. All of the metals scratch and dent, and the first scratches hurt the most! Your ring will develop a character that is unique to you and the activities you engage in while wearing it.

To keep your ring looking as fresh as possible, take it off before any activity where you apply force by squeezing, as in opening a jar, or with a tool such as a hammer or wrench. Take your ring off before lifting weights or anything heavy, like furniture. Keep your ring away from lotions, and harsh soaps and shampoos. Use a jewelry polishing cloth to rub away residues and skin oils that cause your ring to have a dull finish.

Wearing yellow gold or white gold rings in chlorinated swimming pools and hot tubs should be avoided: Chlorine can discolor the metal and perhaps even damage it. Other chemicals that are used in hot tubs can also damage your ring.While salt water won’t necessarily hurt your ring, we find that most of our “I lost my ring!” orders are a result of wearing the ring in the ocean. Chilly water can cause your finger to shrink, making it easy for your ring to slip off in the sand or waves.

If you simply cannot stand the scratches on your ring, we are happy to do polish work for a small fee. Keep in mind that polishing a ring in this manner removes metal from your ring, makes it thinner. If you have your ring polished and the fingerprint is on the outside, consider polishing only the part of the band that doesn’t have fingerprint texture on it. Polishing the ring with a simple cloth will not affect the print, but every time the ring is professionally polished, the fingerprint will diminish.

The fingerprint texture is a shallow relief on the ring, exactly like it is on your finger. If we have blackened the fingerprint on your ring, the black may fade over the years from contact with the environment, your body chemistry, or the use of lotions and soaps.

White gold rings that we have rhodium plated will need to be replated every once in a while. You will notice that your ring will start to appear yellow in spots—that is the true color of 14k or 18k white gold showing through. Most jewelers can replate your ring for you to even out the tone and refresh your ring’s finish. We are happy to re-rhodium plate your ring for a small fee; please contact us for more information.

Please keep in mind that any work performed by another party on a brent&jess creation is at your own risk, including polishing, sizing, and plating. Please allow us to care for your ring. Many of our services are complimentary, and we are happy to provide quotes for fees.

We know that you will love your ring! Please contact us any time with questions about caring for your ring.

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