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memorial fingerprint jewelry collage

Memorial Fingerprint Jewelry.

My favorite thing about making fingerprint jewelry as a memorial piece, is knowing the comfort the jewelry will bring to the receiving person.  Using their fingerprint is a special touch because you can feel their actual texture on your jewelry. You can still feel their touch.   Some people prefer a ring so they can

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My Favorite Sterling Silver Ring Turned Black!

My favorite sterling silver ring turned black this weekend when I went in a hot tub!   I tell customers often to remove their sterling silver rings when they go in pools and hot tubs. This is exactly why! My beautiful ring got all weird patchy, gray and black! I am notoriously hard on my

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Custom Wedding Band Sets by Brent&Jess

Price Vs Quality buying fingerprint jewelry

It’s true…we are not the lowest price in the marketplace for fingerprint jewelry. However, we are by far and away the best quality! Why is quality so important? You are about to invest in one of the most important aspects of your wedding. The dresses, the cake, the music are all for one special day.

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What is Rhodium Plating and do I need it?

  Do I need to rhodium plate my wedding ring… or not?   Rhodium plating is rhodium that is used over white gold to make it have a brighter white finish. White gold starts out as yellow gold; and then white alloys, such as nickel, are added to make the white color. The white naturally

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Black 8mm Silicone Fingerprint ring by Brent & Jess

Silicone Wedding Bands

It seems like everyone wants silicone wedding bands these days. They are durable comfortable and safe to wear doing active sports and professions. It is an awesome choice if you want to show your commitment to each other but either don’t have the money or don’t want to invest in precious metal rings.  Most silicone

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Figuring out your ring size

How do I determine my ring size?

One of the most difficult tasks of shopping for a ring on the internet is discerning the correct size for the ring. Finger size is not the same as ring size. In order to craft a ring that fits, we need to know your correct ring size. The best way to get a proper fit

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