Wedding Band Widths Suitable for Fingerprint Rings

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We can craft rings in any width that you like. The most common widths are 3mm bands for ladies and 6mm bands for gents. However, all bands are unisex. You should order a width that is
comfortable for the size of your hands.
2.5mm approximately 5/64 inch. 
Works well if worn with an engagement ring or for women with small hands.Too narrow for handwriting, but will fit tiny engraving. It is fine for a fingerprint but you will lose much of the texture that makes it look like a fingerprint.
3mm- approximately 1/8 inch  
Common size for ladies wedding bands. Nice size for gents with small hands. Will accomodate handwriting or engraving. Can fit a small diamond.
4mm-approximately 5/32 inch
Allows a little extra room for a trim or diamond. FOr a narrow band it has a good amount of room for a fingerprint.
6mm- approximately 1/4 inch 
Works well for gents traditional wedding band or thumb rings. 
8mm- approximately 1/3 inch 
Works well for rings that have borders, rims or detailing on edges. Also wide enough to accomodate scattered diamonds and handwriting. This width makes a very dinamic fingerprint ring. 
Custom Fingerprint Wedding Rings