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FAQs Answers to Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on the questions below to see their answers. If you do not see the answers to your questions or if you would like clarification on the answers please use our contact us page.

How does this work?

Here's how our process works- first you decide on the style, metal and details of the ring that you want.

We give you a quote.  If you like sterling silver you can purchase right out of the shop!

Once everything is confirmed, we make a listing for you to place your order.

After your payment is received, we ship you a kit to make your fingerprints.  We have two types of kits.  One is our patented process that captures your finger impression for our wrap prints or a special kit for your finger tip prints.  We can also use fingerprints provided by funeral homes or hospitals.

You send the prints to us, and we begin crafting for you!

Our rings aren't just a fingerprint they are an impression of you!


I want a gold ring (or platinum, or palladium). How much will it cost?

We need a few pieces of information in order to write up a quote for you in platinum, palladium, and/or gold--

your ring size,

the design you like,

and the metal(s) you're interested in.

We'll also need your location so that we can give you accurate shipping information,

and your wedding date (or important date related to your inquiry).

Metal prices change frequently; our quotes are good for a week. 


How do I order?

Sterling silver orders can be purchased right out of the shop--simply add the item to your cart and check out!

If you have questions or would like an item in gold, palladium, or platinum, please contact us.

We answer emails Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm.  We try to answer within 24 hours during the week.  We do take weekends off to enjoy our families.  

After we consult with you and collect the details of what you'd like, we'll write up a quote for you to purchase. 

We'll send you our fingerprint kit to complete after you order. Once we receive that back from you, you'll have your custom, handmade ring, pendant, or gift in 6-8 weeks!

How do I check out and what methods of payment do you accept?

To purchase sterling silver, add the listing you like to the cart by clicking the add to cart button.

If you have been emailing with us please register with our website with the email you have been corresponding with and when you are ready you will see a quote in the myqutes section of our website to purchase.

We can process all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover.  We even accept Paypal.  We do not store any credit card info.  

If you experience difficulties or have additional questions we want to help please let us know  by using our contact form so we can

We do not accept checks or money orders at this time. 

How do I check on my order?

Feel free to contact us any time! Emails are easiest for us so we can have a minute to track down your job for the update. If you could include the custom item#  from your order that would help greatly:)  Our email address is info@brentjess.com

you may also call us on our toll free number 

  • (888) 370-7042

How do I return my kit?

Please return the kit to the address provided in the kit. Please email us if you need help with the address.

The kit can be sent back any method you prefer. Most of our customers use a Priority Flat rate envelope. The envelope is available free at any post office, and costs about $5 to send once you get everything packaged up. 

What metals do you work with?

We work in

Sterling Silver

10k Gold white or yellow

14k Gold white, yellow or rose

18k Gold white, yellow or rose


and Platinum.

Most designs can be made in all of these materials,  images may not be present for all design choices.  Questions? Contact Us

How do I match my engagement ring?

First, determine what metal your engagement ring is. It is best to choose a wedding band in the same metal, so that the harder metal does not wear on the softer metal. 

Often, jewelry stores rhodium plate their white gold to make it very bright white. We do not rhodium plate our white gold unless you ask us to. The fee for rhodium plating is $65. 

What does a "wrap" or "tip print" mean?

This graphic is the best way we've come up with to describe the difference: 

an image of the part of finger when describing tip or wrap print

Can I add engraving? What does the engraving look like? How much does it cost?

In most cases, yes. There is room for up to 25 characters inlcuding spaces. 12 Characters typically for an inner tip fingerprint.

Ampersand and Heart symbol are available and take up as much space as 2 characters.

We cannot engrave a ring that has a print WRAPPED around the interior.

We use Candara for the font as the font, because it is the most legible as an inscription.

For pendants there is room for initials, a name, a date, or a very short sentiment such as I LOVE YOU.

The cost to add basic engraving is $25.00.

and Speciality Engraving covers signatures and specialty copy of handwriting, special characters, prose etc. and that is $100

What is the turnaround time? When should I order? What if my wedding is next month?

The more time you can allow the better in case the ring needs to be sized or adjusted in any way after delivery.

For domestic orders, our current turnaround time is 6-8 weeks from when we receive your imprint kit, for a total of about 8-10 weeks.

For international orders, our current turnaround time is 8-10 weeks from when we receive your imprint kit, for a total of about 10-12 weeks. 

Expediting is available for domestic orders. The expedite charge is $50, which includes first priority service for guaranteed delivery of the finished product before your date. Since our rings are handmade we do need as much time as we can get. Please don't hesitate to reach out and see what we can do for you!

Is there any way I can rush my order?

Each item we craft is one of a kind and made to order so we take great care in treating each piece individually and as the most important item we have ever made. However, we can move a little faster if necessary. Expediting is available for domestic orders. The expediting charge is $50, which includes first priority service for delivery of the finished product by your date. Expediting is available for international orders as well but there are so many factors involved with delivery that it is still very hard to guarantee a delivery date.

I am an international customer, do I have to pay for customs or duty fees?

Shipping jewelry to international locations is expensive. We use FedEx to ensure that your jewelry gets through customs and to you in time for your wedding. If you are not from the US you may have customs fees that are not included in our shipping charge. Please do not ask us to mark a package differently to avoid fees. There are hefty fines associated with that and we could lose our business.

What does your shipping cost cover?

For domestic orders, the $17.95 we charge for shipping covers the materials for sending the kit and then the finished product to you. 

We leave the cost of shipping the kit back up to you. It can be sent whatever method you prefer. First Class is the least expensive, Priority Flat Rate is about $6, and Express is about $21.

For international orders, we ship the kit Priority Mail International. We ship the finished product through FedEx. While expensive, FedEx offers pre-brokered service that allows our products to reach our customers in the fastest way possible. We have tried everything, and FedEx is the most effective for getting over borders the quickest. 

You may ship the kit back with whatever method you'd like. There's nothing in the kit that should hold it up in customs.

You may be responsible for customs duties when your finished product crosses into your country. 

You have not heard back from us...

Thank you for reaching out to us!  

Because we use the email address Info @ brentjess.com  sometimes it gets sent to your spam folder.  

We also take the weekend to enjoy our families.  If you email after 5PM EST Friday we might not get back to you until Monday.

During the week we start responding by 8 AM EST.

Please email us again if you do not hear from us! We try very hard to respond ASAP.  

Also please do your best to make sure you are accurate when providing us your email address when completing the contact form.  We can't reach you if the email address you provide is not correct:(

What if I only have an ink print?

We can do this! The quality of the print will dictate how it looks on your piece of jewelry.
Most of our rings are made with a sculptural process, but we have the technology to make rings with your ink fingerprint.  The same quality standards apply to these rings as our brent&jess rings made with our patented kit.
It's like your loved one just touched the end of their finger on your ring, leaving their mark. With your original ink print, we use our newest technology to carve a fingerprint into a piece of jewelry of your choice. This is an excellent option for those who cannot do our traditional fingerprint kit.  We do prefer the original print (that we will return) to create the best object.

How long is a quote good for?

Quotes given for precious metals other than sterling silver are good for 1 week.  Your quote will need to be refreshed and may change after a week passes because the market fluctuates daily, and your rings or special items are made to order.

Do you work with titanium or tungsten?

Sorry, we do not work in titanium, tungsten or steel.

Where will my ring come from?

Our rings are all handcrafted by only us here in the USA.

How long should I plan for to receive my rings or special items?

Custom made, one of a kind, hand crafted rings are best not rushed. Our rings take anywhere from 6-8 weeks from the time we RECEIVE your kit to complete. We are a small company making handmade, one of a kind custom wedding bands and other special items so please allow time to make them for your wedding or special date:)

Can I work with you to create something different than what I see on your site?

Every ring or item we make is one of a kind.  Some of the deigns you see on our site came from working with customers to craft something unique.  Further customization is always possible:)  Addiitonal time and costs should be expected, so factor that in if you are planning for your wedding day or commitment ceremony.

We do not directly copy other designers designs.

How do I care for my ring or special item?

Caring for your one of a kind brent&jess Fingerprint Ring

Your ring is a handmade, hand-sculpted, custom piece of art. All of the metals scratch and dent, and the first scratches hurt the most! Your ring will develop a character that is unique to you and the activities you engage in while wearing it.

To keep your ring looking as fresh as possible, take it off before any activity where you apply force by squeezing, as in opening a jar, or with a tool such as a hammer or wrench. Take your ring off before lifting weights or anything heavy, like furniture. Keep your ring away from lotions, and harsh soaps and shampoos. Use a jewelry polishing cloth to rub away residues and skin oils that cause your ring to have a dull finish.

Wearing yellow gold or white gold rings in chlorinated swimming pools and hot tubs should be avoided: Chlorine can discolor the metal and perhaps even damage it. Other chemicals that are used in hot tubs can also damage your ring.

Who makes my ring or special item?

We are a small jewery studio in Topham,ME

We handcraft each item for you at the time of your order.  

We have a small team here at Brent&Jess.

Brent is our Master Jeweler & Model Maker. He is from Maine and a dedicated hard worker.  He is a graduate of Maine College of Art.

Do you rhodium plate white gold rings or items, or can I add it to match my engagement ring?

We do not automatically rhodium plate rings. We are happy to rhodium plate our white gold rings for $65/ring. Unfortunately you cannot have a darkened print if we Rhodium plate your ring

Can my fingerprint ring be sized, and what is the cost?

Yes, your ring can be sized and we are happy to size your ring for you. We care about your fingerprint and the rings that we have crafted and are equipped to complete the sizing while maintaining the quality of the work and prints. A local jeweler does not have the same level of care or investment in your brent & jess rings as you and I. Nor can we stand behind their work, so we encourage you to come to us for your sizing needs.

Is there a cost?

There may be a cost associated with sizing your ring. Sizing up or down in whole size increments or sizing ring designs that include exterior carving, stones or wire sides will be the most likely to have cost associated and those costs will depend on the labor and material that will be require to complete the work.

Best practice:
Be sure to visit a jeweler to be sized before ordering. Try on rings in the same width you are considering purchasing because the width can affect how the ring feels on your finger. 

My brent & jess fingerprint ring does not fit?

Good news is we can size the ring for you:)

Some fluctuation should be expected in the size. These fluctuations may not require sizing, you wouldn't size down and up based on the changing seasons for example. Weather, weight gain or loss, and humidity, all may cause temporary changes.

See related question in FAQ titled Can my fingerprint ring be sized, and what is the cost?

Do we have an ETSY store?

Yes we do! In fact we started out selling exclusively on etsy!  We were a success story and even were a featured shop :)

We still sell on etsy as www.fabuluster.etsy.com  but we decided a couple years ago to focus on our own website.