Why rings may look alike, but be totally different.

Why rings may look alike, but be totally different.

Two rings can look the same, but are they the same? If the price is dramatically different, then most likely the rings are different. 

Machine manufactured rings are very different from hand crafted rings. They look different and can feel different. Machine made rings are typically lighter weight than hand-crafted rings. Each ring is made exactly the same, possibly 100’s at a time. Because machine manufactured rings are lower in cost to make, they can be more ornate and still be at affordable prices.

With hand crafting, no two rings will be identical. The finish and detailing on the rings will reflect that they are handmade. They will have very slight irregularities and variations that add to the beauty of the ring. Crafting each ring one-at-a-time involves many hours of labor, but ensures that love and care is going into your treasure. They are many different processes involved in handcrafting a ring: model making, casting, detailing the metalwork and add the finish. Each detail that is added to the ring requires additional time and labor and adds to the final cost.

Whether you purchase a hand crafted ring or a machine manufactured ring is personal preference. However, you can expect your hand crafted ring to cost substantially more. 

At brent&jess, we keep our prices as low as possible. Your quotes are based on the lowest market price at the time of purchase. If you are working on a budget, we are happy to work with you to find the perfect ring.


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