What is Rhodium Plating and do I need it?

Do I need to rhodium plate my wedding ring… or not?
Rhodium plating is rhodium that is used over white gold to make it have a brighter white finish. White gold starts out as yellow gold; and then white alloys, such as nickel, are added to make the white color. The white naturally has a yellow tint to it. Some manufacturers like to add the rhodium plate to make the white look brighter and more similar to silver’s brightness. We do not rhodium unless the customer requests it, because it does require maintenance. The ring will need to be re-plated when the finish wears off.
Many engagement rings are rhodium plated.  You will want to check to see if your engagement ring is plated.  We can rhodium plate after as well.  It will not affect the finger print.
One benefit of rhodium plating is that it can create a barrier for your skin against the nickel in your 10 or 14 k white gold ring.  If you think you may have an allergy to nickel it can be helpful. It can always be done down the road.
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