memorial fingerprint jewelry collage

Memorial Fingerprint Jewelry.

My favorite thing about making fingerprint jewelry as a memorial piece, is knowing the comfort the jewelry will bring to the receiving person.  Using their fingerprint is a special touch because you can feel their actual texture on your jewelry. You can still feel their touch.  

Some people prefer a ring so they can see and feel the touch of their loved one all the time. Another choice that is popular is a necklace because it brings them comfort knowing it is there and they can feel it,  but isn’t always a visual reminder. Having pieces that are made of precious metals is important. Precious metals have a softness and unique tactile experience. While fast fashion items are fun, investing in a heirloom piece will bring you a longer lasting happiness.

Men and women alike treasure memorial fingerprint items. 

A treasured object can be many things. Something that has been handed down, something you found, something that was gifted by a loved one. For me it is a ring given to me by my grandmother. I have had many people tell me their treasured item is an object we have made. That brings me joy!

Here are some articles about people and their treasured objects.

Check our designs and see if you would like an heirloom piece of jewelry for your collection. 

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