You&Me For Infinity Comfort Fit Flat Sterling Silver Wedding Band

How can I order a unique wedding band?

How can I order a unique wedding band?

Are you looking for a unique wedding band?

Well look no further. There is nothing more unique to you than your fingerprint! You are the only one like you. Leave your impression on your loved one with your fingerprint on their wedding band.

Not only can we customize your wedding band with their fingerprint but we can do unique finishes and other design elements that are special for you. While we make a creative and unique product they are also high value and long lasting. Adding your handwriting or small drawing to the ring creates s wedding band that is even more special.

Do you know the material you would like the ring made from? When creating a wedding ring it is good to use a durable metal but also stay in your budget. That is why we stick to traditional materials. Sterling silver, 10k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold (all golds can be white, yellow or rose) palladium and platinum.  Sterling silver is the softest but it is budget friendly. It will still bring you years of happiness. Gold is a classic ring material because it is both beautiful and durable. Platinum and palladium are excellent durable white metals. While all precious metals will scratch over time they have unique properties that create a wonderful patina over the years.

What would you like on your ring? Email me with an idea you have for your ring. I am always happy to give quotes- no commitment until you are ready to get started 🙂

Custom Design options by Brent&Jess

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