How much do women’s wedding bands cost?

The average cost of a women’s wedding band these days is between $5900-$6200 these days this includes the engagement ring and wedding band. This to us seems out of balance with most people. We try to make our rings affordable and wearable. DIamonds drive up the cost of most rings. While the diamond-encrusted rings are beautiful they are not durable to wear for your lifetime. Stones will fall out and thin bands will bend. 

 We like a simple band that has a personal touch.  Our rings range from $195- $2500 for a wedding band.

 Sterling silver is the most affordable option we offer.  It is a white metal that with care will last a lifetime. If you are adding a fingerprint I would consider putting it on the inside for protection. 

Custom women wedding bands by Brent&Jess

Gold is the next level for the price of a wedding band. 10k white is the most affordable starting around $350.  We can do white or yellow10k gold.

14k is also affordable and more durable than sterling. Typically starting at $450.

Ultimately you want to have a ring that will last a long time and get more beautiful with age. Gold has a lovely patina that develops with age.

Platinum is a wonderful metal but tends to be the highest price point. Starting at $850.

One thing to consider is that your wedding ring will be one of the most lasting elements of your wedding. We always recommended purchasing the best metal that your budget will allow because your ring will be worn every day! Rings of heirloom quality can be passed down to the next generation.

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