14k yellow gold 10mm wide fingerprint ring with your handwriting on the inside

Shopping for Fingerprint Rings

Price Vs Quality buying fingerprint jewelry

Price Vs Quality


It’s true…we are not the lowest price in the marketplace for fingerprint jewelry. However, we are by far and away the best quality!


Why is quality so important? You are about to invest in one of the most important aspects of your wedding. The dresses, the cake, the music are all for one special day. But your rings…you will have them throughout your marriage. If you purchase a metal of heirloom quality, you will have your rings to pass down to the next generation. You will admire your rings every day.


How are some manufacturers able to make their rings so much cheaper? They use cheap labor from Mexico and China and use machines to make the rings. We craft our rings in the USA by hand one at a time using sustainable practices and acceptable regulations and standards for the industry.


Every manufactured ring is exactly the same! The rings are made much thinner than a hand crafted ring. Our rings are 1.7mm-2mm depending on the design. Manufactured rings can be 1.2 mm or less. The manufactured rings are not personalized or custom. You buy what is available. The rings come in standard sizes and widths. Our rings can be crafted in any size or width that you want.  We also offer exclusive designs to Brent&Jess!

Most manufacturers will put rhodium plating on their white gold rings. The fingerprint is burned into the plating. When the plating starts to come off, the print also comes off. We use different processes to create a deep and lasting print.

The old adage, “you get what you pay for” certainly applies with wedding and engagement rings.


We make truly amazing, unique rings at brent&jess—impressions that last a lifetime!

Brent&Jess vs a commercial fingerprint ring

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