Buying Fingerprint Rings Online

Here are 8 things that I would recommend knowing when purchasing a ring online.

Is the company reputable? Look for a company that lists their address and make sure that the address really exists. If the company lists a phone number, call them. If they work exclusively by email, send them one to gauge their response time. 

Are you working with real people or bots? Can you ask specific questions? Can you customize your ring? You will need a real person if you want to purchase any exceptions.

Are the prices too good to be true? If so, you should beware. You may not be getting what you think you are ordering. There are solid metals and there are platings which can go over base metals. Plating’s will wear off over time. Solid rings are more durable. Rings come in different thicknesses and are priced by weight. So a very low price ring may indicate a thin ring that is plated.

Does the company have current, realistic customer reviews? Many companies will write their own reviews. Look for reviews that confirm the product was made to the customer’s satisfaction and delivered on-time.

Do you know your ring size? I would recommend going to a local jeweler to get sized. Try on rings in different styles and widths to determine what is most comfortable. The wider the ring, the larger width you will need to fit over your knuckle. Sizing can be different for comfort fit bands.

Do you know which metal is best for you? Jewelers craft in many different metals. Heirloom jewelry is crafted in fine metals. Platinum, palladium, gold and silver are considered fine metals. All fine metals can be re-sized. There are many new options for metals that are usually referred to as alternative metals. They often need to be replaced rather than re-sized. This category would include stainless steel, carbon fiber, cobalt, and tungsten. Each metal has pros and cons. Your individual needs will determine which metal is best for you. 

What is the company’s turn-around time? You want to make sure that the company you use will make your date. How do they ship? What are the costs?

What if the ring does not fit or is not what you ordered? It’s important to know whether or not your ring can be re-sized, if it does not fit. Do you need to send the ring back to the company or can any jeweler re-size your ring? What is the company’s warranty? Will the company stand behind their product? You don’t want to be left with a ring that is not what you wanted or doesn’t fit properly.

Brent&Jess's ring vs a competitors ring

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