Why does Brent&Jess support Madeline’s Mission

We heard about Madeline’s Mission last year. Family friends let us know about a little girl in our daughters friends group that had passed away.  Her mother started this non profit to support families who have survived child loss. 

Having three children of my own I cannot imagine a life without any of my children. It is such a beautiful thing to be able to help families in need.

madelines mission

From the Madeline’s Mission Website-

“No one ever wants to be in the child loss “club”, and those who find themselves in a club they never bargained for can feel lost, alone, and scared.  Madeline’s Mission works to offer hope, comfort and guidance during the unfathomable life following  the loss of a child– both directly after the loss and in the lifetime to follow.

In the same way that a doula would help a mother through childbirth, Madeline’s Mission helps to serve as a navigational resource for parents, guardians, siblings and immediate families experiencing child loss.

Mission and Philosophy

Mission: Madeline’s Mission seeks to provide a path toward wellness, healing, and hope for families surviving child loss.

Philosophy: Madeline’s Mission believes that no one should have to go through the grief journey alone.

Madeline’s Mission strives to provide compassionate, individualized services and connection to local resources enabling people to get the healing supports that they may desire following a loss.

No matter in what way a child has been lost or is anticipated to be lost, Madeline’s Mission stands alongside to support families through that process from the time they identify the need; regardless of the circumstances of the loss.

Madeline’s Mission is a 501(c)3 nonprofit located in Maine, USA.”

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