Child Handprint Necklace

Design #1379

Handmade in sterling silver, approximately 1-inch in diameter, with the impression of your child’s hand cast into the metal and darkened for contrast. Your child’s name and birth date on the back. The pendant comes beautifully packaged for gift giving with an 18-inch black leather cord. High polish finish.


Chain options *

Chain options

Child Handprint Necklace

What is more charming than a child’s tiny handprint?

Customers ask us every day if we can use the fingerprints of their child, but until age 3, a child’s prints are just too delicate. Now we have this to celebrate the precious moments of childhood!

We can use handprints you have from a birth certificate, artwork, or ones you take with our special inkless kit.

Also available in  platinum and gold. Please contact us for pricing information.

For information about engraving, the current turnaround time, the process by which your piece is made, international orders, expediting your order, shipping, and the materials we do and do not work in, see our FAQs and policies.


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