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What is a Comfort-Fit​ Ring?

What makes a band a “comfort fit?” The convex curve on the interior of the band makes the band a comfort fit band. Comfort fit rings were designed several years ago when the price of gold started soaring. Manufacturers started crafting their rings thinner and thinner to meet affordable price points. Finally, the rings got so thin that they were cutting into the finger. They realized if they rounded the edges, they would be more comfortable to wear.
All of the rings that we craft at brent&jess are comfortable to wear with or without the comfort fit interior. We roll the edges of our rings for softness. In addition, most of our rings are crafted between 1.5mm-2.0mm. The thickness eliminates sharp edges.
Our comfort fit bands are crafted with finger tips, not finger wraps. The patented process that we use to craft our traditional flat and low dome bands with finger wraps cannot be used on a curved surface.
The price is slightly higher on a comfort fit band rather than a traditional flat or low dome band, except when crafted in sterling silver.
ring shapes

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